TikTok star John Clark calls women ‘f–king scruffy c–ts,’ is dropped by publisher

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TikTok prima John Clark — who goes by The Meal Prep King — mislaid his steadfast Wednesday aft publishing 2 Instagram rants against women and abdominous people.

Clark — who boasts an awesome 1.6 cardinal followers connected TikTok — allegedly called women “f–king scruffy c–ts” arsenic good arsenic labeled a abdominous idiosyncratic “a f–king mammoth,” according to Insider.

He besides past allegedly made an ableist slur, telling 1 of the commenters connected a livestream to “shut the f–k up, you f–king retard.”

Clark built his estimation by posting connected Instagram astir his weight-loss journey, arsenic good arsenic publishing 2 books astir steadfast repast prep.

According to viewers of the diatribe, Clark made the inflammatory comments portion responding to radical connected the livestream.

“Have immoderate respect for females,” said Clark, allegedly quoting a commenter. “Nope, you’re each f–king scruffy c–ts.”

He continued to mock the commenter by saying that helium liked to annoy women.

John Clark (right) and and his erstwhile  spouse  Charlotte Deniz hole   a weeks worthy  of nutrient  each   Sunday to assistance   them escaped   weight.John Clark (right) and his erstwhile partner, Charlotte Deniz, hole a week’s worthy of nutrient each Sunday to assistance them suffer weight.Tom Maddick SWNS

“I bash similar pissing women off,” Clark added.

“‘I’m a woman. I’m a female. I person rights,'” helium continued successful a mocking code portion putting connected a high-pitched voice.

Social media users sprang into enactment and condemned Clark portion tagging his UK publisher, Penguin Random House.

“John Clark aka The Meal Prep King – this antheral is vile! Get this shared everywhere, helium does not merit a following,” wrote 1 aggravated Twitter user.

“This is conscionable a tiny snippet of the derogatory connection used.”

Penguin replied straight to the tweet, saying that they are “appalled by John Clark’s unacceptable behavior.”

“We bash not person immoderate much books nether declaration with John and volition not beryllium moving with him successful future,” said the publishing house.

Warning: Graphic language

Penguin Michael Joseph is appalled by John Clark’s unacceptable behaviour. We bash not person immoderate much books nether declaration with John and volition not beryllium moving with him successful future.

— Penguin Books UK (@PenguinUKBooks) August 16, 2022

The Post has reached retired to Clark for remark done societal media.

It was besides revealed during 1 of the livestreams that Clark had ended things with his partner, Charlotte Deniz.

Clark, present sporting a achromatic eye, went connected a 2nd expletive-laden rant connected Instagram — which aboriginal ended up connected YouTube — wherever helium mocked abdominous people.

“You’re a f–king mammoth [who’s] like, this tall, and past you privation to blasted everybody else,” helium proclaimed. “You’re fat, overweight — halt f–king making excuses.”

Warning: Graphic language

Fans attempted to minimize the harm and told the wayward writer to halt talking; however, Clark started to slam them for not nurturing their ain success.

“I marque f–king thousands from radical similar you,”  helium claimed. “I marque much wealth successful 1 infinitesimal than each you people.”

Several fans expressed their dismay astatine the tirade.

“I was a instrumentality of his, maine and my spouse bought some of his books earlier this twelvemonth successful an effort to commencement surviving a much steadfast manner and I was impressed arsenic immoderate of the recipes are truly good,” wrote 1 heartbroken fan.

“I’m truly disappointed to spot the benignant of feline helium truly is aft each those comments. He did spell connected to accidental different comments utilizing derogatory presumption for disabled radical etcetera arsenic well.”

“Absolutely ridiculous,” chimed successful another. “I’m not connected the full cancel culture, but idiosyncratic similar this, who holds these views, needs to beryllium dropped by reputable publishers.”