Timothée Chalamet felt he was ‘desecrating history’ at Abbey Road for ‘Wonka’

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Actor Timothée Chalamet recorded euphony  for "Wonka" astatine  Abbey Road Studios. Actor Timothée Chalamet recorded euphony for "Wonka" astatine Abbey Road Studios. Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Timothée Chalamet says helium felt similar helium was “desecrating history” portion signaling songs for the upcoming movie philharmonic “Wonka” astatine London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios.

The actor, 25, is playing Willy Wonka successful the forthcoming film, which explores the origins of the celebrated Roald Dahl quality and is acceptable anterior to the events of 2005’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

The movie prequel — presently being filmed successful the UK — volition diagnostic respective songs by Chalamet and his co-stars, including Olivia Colman (“The Favourite”), Matt Lucas (“Little Britain”) and Rowan Atkinson (“Bean”).

But portion Chalamet is simply a Best Actor Oscar nominee and a postgraduate of New York’s prestigious LaGuardia High School, helium inactive didn’t consciousness worthy capable to measurement wrong Abbey Road Studios.

The workplace is champion known arsenic the spot wherever The Beatles recorded galore of their astir celebrated songs. Other big-name artists who person worked determination see Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Oasis, Radiohead, Sam Smith and Adele.

The “Wonka” formed spent a play signaling songs successful the famed space, prompting Chalamet to tell Time: “I felt retired of my league similar I was desecrating history!”

Chalamet is seen connected  the acceptable   of "Wonka."Chalamet is seen connected the acceptable of “Wonka” successful the UK earlier this month. Dean / SplashNews.com

However, the “Call Me By Your Name” prima additionally said that helium can’t hold for “Wonka” to beryllium released.

“It’s not mining the darker emotions successful life. It’s a solemnisation of being off-center and of being OK with the weirder parts of you that don’t rather acceptable in,” helium declared.

The movie is not slated for merchandise until 2023, but it has already garnered overmuch buzz connected the internet.

Last week, Chalamet divided fans arsenic helium shared the archetypal photograph of himself playing the confectionary king.

The drawback showed Chalamet successful costume, looking arsenic if helium were plucked consecutive from England’s Victorian era, clad successful a maroon velvet overgarment and a brownish apical hat.

The actor's hipster-style costume sparked chatter connected  the internet.The actor’s hipster-style costume sparked chatter connected the internet.GC Images

Some Twitter users claimed the actor’s ensemble looked a small excessively hipster to beryllium an close portrayal of Willy Wonka.

“Brave prime to marque Willy Wonka’s root communicative acceptable successful 2010 Williamsburg,” quipped Sally Field’s son, Sam Greisman, in a tweet that was liked much than 1,700 times.

“Timothee Chalamet Willy Wonka is what happens erstwhile a Hollywood absorption radical tries to make a Tumblr sexy man,” another remarked, referencing the celebrated 2010s blogging site.