Tommy Lee and John Travolta, unlikely baking pals, share cookie recipes

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Tommy Lee and John Travolta are a batch made successful heaven.

The brace of improbable friends exchanged cooky recipes and shared their baking techniques with the satellite connected Wednesday.

The Mötley Crüe drummer, 59, shared a speedy video clip connected TikTok of a bid of substance messages with the actor, 67, wherever they shared recipes for peanut food spot cookies.

Travolta’s substance read, “Tommy, tin you nonstop maine that peanut food [chocolate] spot cooky look you have?”

Lee happily agreed and passed on a scrumdiddlyumptious recipe. The instrumentalist past jokingly replied “Your welcies!!!” alongside a photograph of the cookies caller retired of the oven.

The “Grease” prima past sent backmost a drawback of the yet-uncooked dough successful muffin tins arsenic they cooked successful the oven. “You didn’t cognize I was Johnny Crocker,” Travolta wrote.

John Travolta textThe pals shared recipes for peanut food cocoa cookies and brownies. TikTok / @tommylee

Lee’s video besides featured a clip of Travolta taste-testing the baked goods. “You would’ve thought that 2 superstars would walk their Wednesday nights baking brownies and cookies? [While drinking] caller lemonade!”

Cut to a changeable of a laughing Lee who said, “Oh my god, buddy! Me and my woman [internet prima Brittany Furlan] were conscionable saying the aforesaid thing! I’m similar ‘Who is sitting astir connected a Wednesday nighttime [baking cookies]?'”

“Could you ideate if radical knew that Tommy and John are … baking. What happened?’ Lee asked. The hilarious video has since received implicit 126,000 likes and 765,000 views

Tommy lee John TravoltaTommy Lee and John Travolta exchanged cooky recipes successful a hilarious caller video.TikTok / @tommylee

The brace person been friends for a portion and the stone prima adjacent comforted the “Hairspray” histrion aft his woman Kelly Preston passed distant from bosom cancer past year.

In an October 2020 interrogation with Entertainment Tonight, Lee revealed, “I conscionable talked to him, he’s backmost successful municipality here. He’s doing truly well.”

“He has a large squad of radical astir him, his kids are doing wonderful. He’s doing everything to marque them comfy and I think, conscionable personally knowing that it’s been happening oregon coming up,” helium continued. “I’m definite it doesn’t easiness the symptom astatine each of…having thing dilatory travel that you tin benignant of commencement to hole for.”

“He’s successful bully spirits. What a beauteous man,” Lee added. “He’s astir apt the sweetest antheral I deliberation I’ve ever met, honestly.”

John Travolta cookieLee’s TikTok besides featured a clip of Travolta munching connected said baked goods and sipping connected lemonade.TikTok / @tommylee