Tony Romo under fire for ‘creepy’ Gisele Bundchen comment

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Cowboys fable Tony Romo is facing backlash implicit a remark helium made astir Tom Brady’s woman Gisele Bundchen during the NFL connected CBS broadcast.

On Sunday, the Buccaneers had to way down Brady’s 600th touchdown ball that wide receiver Mike Evans unknowingly gave to a fan.

As a Tampa Bay staffer negotiated with the fan, Romo pretended to narrate the speech connected the broadcast.

“A day with Gisele. A day with Gisele and I’m in,” Romo said, acting arsenic the fan. 

“OK, Tom volition bash it. One time, you got it,” Romo continued, pretending to dependable the Bucs official.

Fans took contented with the comment, and roasted Romo connected societal media.

“Tony Romo suggesting Brady commercialized a day with his woman for his 600th TD shot is conscionable weird/borderline creepy. Dude is simply a bully broadcaster but truthful awkward sometimes,” 1 idiosyncratic tweeted.

“I don’t deliberation what Romo said was funny. It was tasteless. But that’s conscionable me,” different instrumentality wrote.

More fans continued to telephone retired Romo, on with CBS for airing the commentary.

“Why bash we request to perceive to @tonyromo fantasize astir trading a shot for ‘a time with Giselle’? What does Mr. Romo presume would hap with Gisele during that time she has been traded similar spot for a football?” 1 Twitter idiosyncratic asked.

Tony Romo connected  the sideline earlier  broadcasting a playoff gameTony Romo connected the sideline earlier broadcasting a playoff gameGetty Images

Brady did so get backmost the 600th touchdown ball, and made definite the instrumentality was compensated well for giving it up.

The Buccaneers reportedly talented the instrumentality a signed jersey and a helmet from Brady, an autographed Mike Evans jersey and the WR’s crippled cleats, a $1,000 recognition for the squad store and 2 passes for the remainder of the 2021 play and adjacent season, according to The Tampa Bay Times. Brady besides sweetened the woody by giving the instrumentality a Bitcoin, worthy astir $63,000, the QB revealed connected the ‘Monday Night Football’ Manningcast.

Brady and Bundchen person not yet addressed the comment.