Top Baseball Hall of Fame candidates still hampered by shady pasts

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Baseball is inactive dealing with immoderate of the ugliness of its past erstwhile it comes to the Hall of Fame. 

Alex Rodriguez didn’t travel adjacent to getting elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame past year, his archetypal clip connected the ballot, and his chances don’t look overmuch amended heading into Tuesday’s announcement. 

Another erstwhile Yankee with a checkered past, Carlos Beltran, made his debut connected the ballot this twelvemonth and besides looks similar helium volition miss the cut. 

As of Monday evening, according to ballot tracker @NotMrTibs, Rodriguez was astatine 40.0 percent — aft 34.3 percent past twelvemonth — portion Beltran was astatine 55.7, some good abbreviated of the 75 percent needed among BBWAA voters, with 46.7 percent of ballots having been publically revealed. 

Rodriguez’s presumption is muddled by his admitted steroid use, which besides kept Barry Bonds retired of the Hall of Fame during his 10 years connected the ballot. 

2023 shot   hallway  of fame voting

Beltran was connected a Hall of Fame-worthy path until his relation successful the 2017 Houston Astros sign-stealing ungraded became nationalist successful 2019. He past mislaid his occupation arsenic Mets manager earlier returning to the crippled a twelvemonth agone successful a antithetic capableness — arsenic a YES Network broadcaster. 

Beltran was the lone subordinate punished for the Astros’ scandal, since players were granted immunity for cooperating with MLB’s investigation, but Beltran retired arsenic a subordinate pursuing that season. 

During their title play of 2017, Houston illegally utilized a video show and a garbage tin to fto hitters successful their lineup cognize what transportation was coming. 

After taking the broadcasting occupation with YES successful March — a occupation to which he’s scheduled to instrumentality to this play — Beltran admitted the Astros did “cross the line.” 

“We each did what we did,” Beltran said. “Looking backmost today, we were wrong.” 

In May, Beltran told The Post regarding his aboriginal successful the game, “I anticipation radical person seen however I consciousness astir however everything played retired and the idiosyncratic I am. What happened, everyone knows what happened. It was a team. The information I was successful occupation [as the lone player], that’s the hard part. But I’ve got to determination forward.” 

Alex Rodriguez and his woman  Jaclyn Cordeiro, successful  the passageway  nether  the stands earlier  the game.Alex Rodriguez’s 2023 Hall of Fame lawsuit doesn’t look to beryllium going overmuch amended than the erstwhile year’s.Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post
Colorado Rockies' Todd Helton swings astatine  a transportation   from Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Sean Marshall successful  the archetypal  inning of a Major League shot   crippled  successful  Denver connected  Sunday, Aug. 12, 2007.Todd Helton seems apt to summation enshrinement.AP Photo

On paper, the 45-year-old Beltran would fig to beryllium a fastener for Cooperstown, arsenic helium has the fourth-most location runs by a switch-hitter successful MLB past with 435, trailing lone Mickey Mantle, Eddie Murray and Chipper Jones — each Hall of Famers. And his postseason performances are among the champion of each time. 

According to @NotMrTibbs, Scott Rolen and Todd Helton basal the champion accidental of being elected, with Helton astatine 80.0 percent and Rolen astatine 79.5 percent. Billy Wagner was falling conscionable abbreviated astatine 73.5 percent. 

Even if nary players get voted successful Tuesday, determination volition beryllium subordinate practice successful Cooperstown this summer, arsenic Fred McGriff was voted successful by the Contemporary Era committee past month.