Top Hong Kong court rules against government bid to expand riot prosecutions

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Hong Kong’s apical tribunal has quashed attempts by the city’s authorities to prosecute radical for rioting oregon amerciable assembly adjacent without being contiguous astatine the country – a ruling lawyers described arsenic a landmark.

The five-judge sheet successful Hong Kong’s tribunal of last appeal, headed by main justness Andrew Cheung, unanimously rejected an earlier ruling by a little entreaty tribunal that people, specified arsenic supporters, could beryllium criminally liable without being really contiguous nether the communal instrumentality doctrine of “joint enterprise”.

Criminal lawyers said Thursday’s ruling was highly significant, impacting aboriginal prosecutions, and volition beryllium intimately scrutinised amid an intensifying nationalist information crackdown successful the erstwhile British colony.

“They’ve efficaciously raised the barroom for the prosecutors – and possibly adjacent stopped a flood of sweeping and hasty charges,” 1 transgression barrister said.

“That does not mean that the authorities won’t effort to bring antithetic charges though aft going backmost to the drafting board.”

Activists, diplomats and the overseas concern assemblage are besides intimately watching tribunal developments aft Beijing’s imposition connected the metropolis of a sweeping national information law past year, with immoderate fearing it could endanger a ineligible strategy seen arsenic the bedrock underpinning the Asian fiscal hub.

Britain handed Hong Kong backmost to Chinese sovereignty successful 1997 amid guarantees that its societal and commercialized freedoms – and abstracted ineligible strategy – would beryllium maintained nether a “one country/two systems” formula.

Both Chinese and Hong Kong officials said the caller information instrumentality was captious to halt immoderate aboriginal convulsive movements from exploiting the city’s freedoms.

The appeal, successful part, was brought by Tong Wai-hung, who was earlier acquitted of rioting successful July 2019 – 1 of much than 10,000 radical arrested during months of sometimes-violent anti-government protests that rocked Hong Kong that year.

While Hong Kong’s section of justness did not question to overturn Tong’s acquittal they won an earlier entreaty to amusement that a person’s beingness astatine a riot oregon amerciable assembly was not indispensable for a conviction, nether the “joint enterprise” doctrine.

In Thursday’s judgment, the entreaty tribunal sheet noted the “taking part” was cardinal to some the nationalist bid offences of rioting and amerciable assembly, and could not beryllium overridden by the associated endeavor doctrine.

“Both offences are participatory successful nature,” it said. “There is nary request for the persons taking portion to stock immoderate extraneous communal purpose.”

It besides said that those offenders – some contiguous and absent – who encouraged, promoted oregon organised transgression assemblies could beryllium inactive beryllium blameworthy of antithetic and much superior offences, specified arsenic conspiracy oregon incitement.

Court of entreaty judges earlier approved Tong’s request to question their ruling, saying the question had “far reaching implications for the prosecution of the offences of riot and amerciable assembly successful the future.”