Tory’s COVID-19 Critic Says Vaccine Data, Deaths Must Be Investigated

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It’s clip to scrutinize COVID-19 vaccine data, including related deaths, truthful that an unbiased investigation tin beryllium presented and Canadians tin marque an informed determination connected whether oregon not to instrumentality the shots, says Stephen Ellis, a Conservative MP and his party’s peculiar advisor connected COVID-19.

“Speaking arsenic a parliamentarian, a doc who worked connected a COVID-19 unit, and a Canadian, I judge we person a work to recognize the adverse events related to this caller radical of vaccinations,” said Ellis successful the House of Commons connected May 13.

“We request to recognize the information arsenic it pertains to Canada, the world, and short- and semipermanent safety,” helium said.

Ellis, who serves arsenic the Tory’s lawman shadiness curate of health, has been a household doc successful Truro, Nova Scotia for the past 22 years. He besides served arsenic aesculapian pb for COVID-19 effect successful the Nova Scotia Health Authority’s Northern Zone.

In his code to parliamentarians, helium cited the lawsuit of Stephen MacDougall, a 45-year-old antheral and athlete, who Ellis said “died aft receiving a vaccine for COVID-19” astir a twelvemonth ago.

Ellis said fixed that 11.5 cardinal doses of COVID-19 vaccines person been distributed worldwide, and the information has been collected, “now is the clip for each of america successful the House to act.”

“The information needs to beryllium decently analyzed truthful we tin contiguous this technological accusation to Canadians to alteration them to marque informed choices and springiness informed consent going forward,” helium said.

A full of 336 deaths person been documented by Health Canada pursuing vaccination successful Canada arsenic of April 29.

“Although these deaths occurred aft being vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine, they are not needfully related to the vaccine,” the study said connected May 13.

In total, astir 45,000 cases of adverse cases person been reported retired of astir 84 cardinal full doses administered. Of the adverse cases, 9421 are considered “serious,” said the report, referring to the statistic compiled up to April 29.

Meanwhile, immoderate wellness attraction professionals are objecting that the health-care strategy successful Canada is not decently tracking COVID-19 vaccine injuries.

“The information that the vaccines are experimental should mean they should beryllium very, precise vigilant astir immoderate imaginable adverse effect. You should person a overmuch higher scale of suspicion of harm from an experimental attraction than from thing other that’s been astir for years,” Dr. Charles Hoffe, a B.C.-based physician, told The Epoch Times successful a erstwhile interview.

Jeff Sandes contributed to this report.

Isaac Teo


Isaac Teo is an Epoch Times newsman based successful Toronto.