Touching story behind fan who caught Yankees’ other milestone home run Tuesday

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ARLINGTON, Texas — A mother-son travel to a large league crippled for a Florida household successful request of diversion aft their location was deed by Hurricane Ian turned into overmuch much connected Tuesday afternoon.

Samantha Sheffield and 14-year-old lad Braylon were successful municipality from storm-ravaged Fort Myers, sitting successful the little platform successful near tract astatine Globe Life Field erstwhile Yankees rookie Oswald Peraza deed a agelong thrust successful their absorption against the Texas Rangers.

Braylon, a good-fielding mediate infielder, reached to his near successful beforehand of his ma and made the drawback connected Peraza’s archetypal large league homer, 4 rows beyond the wall.

“Saved my life,” Samantha said with a laugh.

The nifty drawback came successful the 2nd inning successful the opener of a day-night doubleheader.

“I reached over, caught the ball, benignant of ripped distant from different guy,” Braylon said. “He wasn’t trying to instrumentality it, but helium had similar his manus astir my glove.”

Braylon Sheffield, 14, of Fort Myers, Fla., shows 1  of the balls fixed  to him by New York Yankees' Oswald Peraza.Braylon Sheffield, 14, of Fort Myers, Fla., shows 1 of the balls fixed to him by New York Yankees’ Oswald Peraza.AP

The 2nd crippled of the doubleheader would spot a overmuch much important location tally deed to near field. Aaron Judge blasted his 62nd location tally of the season, breaking Roger Maris’ American League record. That ball, which was snagged by concern banker Cory Youmans, is said to beryllium worthy astatine slightest $2 million.

A information defender told the Sheffields the Yankees would similar the ball, which they gladly handed over. After the game, they met with Peraza extracurricular the visitors’ clubhouse and received immoderate signed baseballs and tickets to a aboriginal Yankees crippled successful Arlington.

“I’m truthful happy. It’s truthful exciting,” Peraza said done a translator aft the Yankees bushed Texas 5-4. “To beryllium capable to link determination with my archetypal homer with the squad I love. Little by little, contributing here, and uncovering ways to get the occupation done.”

Oswald Peraza hits his archetypal  vocation  large   league   location  tally  connected  Oct. 4, 2022.Oswald Peraza hits his archetypal vocation large league location tally connected Oct. 4, 2022.USA TODAY Sports

The harm to the Sheffields’ location during Hurricane Ian was comparatively insignificant compared to others successful their neighborhood. But the flooding of their store ruined the postulation of astir 400 baseballs that Braylon had gathered for years.

Samantha, main fiscal serviceman for Bay Colony Golf Club successful Naples, Florida, and Braylon had planned the travel for months. Braylon, an Atlanta Braves fan, chose a Rangers location crippled due to the fact that helium wanted to spot the club’s 3-year-old climate-controlled ballpark.

The timing had thing to bash with what brought galore successful the assemblage of 30,553 to Globe Life Field for the crippled — Judge’s pursuit of homer No. 62.

“This was planned agelong earlier that was ever a thing,” Samantha said.

The Sheffields did get to concisely conscionable Judge aft the game, too, hours earlier helium would marque history.

They drove crossed the authorities and flew to Texas from Fort Lauderdale past Friday. Braylon’s father, Mark, and younger member Brody stayed home.

Braylon Sheffield with his ma  Samantha.Braylon Sheffield with his ma Samantha.AP

Samantha’s precedence successful wherever to beryllium had thing to bash with premier homer-grabbing positioning.

“I bought tickets successful the all-you-can-eat section,” she said. “I person a teenage boy.”