Transportation Secretary Warns Supply Chain Issues Could Go Into 2022

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By Brian Donlon
October 18, 2021

There's a backlog of instrumentality ships stranded astatine sea, and it's driving up prices connected goods.

Supply concatenation struggles could spell connected into adjacent year, according to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

"A batch of the challenges that we've been experiencing this twelvemonth volition proceed into adjacent year," helium said. "But determination are some short-term and semipermanent steps that we tin instrumentality to bash thing astir it. A portion of what's happening isn't conscionable the proviso side. It's the request said. Demand is disconnected the charts. Retail income are done the roof, and if you deliberation astir those images of ships, for example, waiting astatine anchor connected the West Coast — each 1 of those ships is afloat of grounds amounts of goods that Americans are buying due to the fact that the request is up, due to the fact that income is up."

The Biden medication is presently moving connected keeping ports similar Los Angeles' moving 24/7 to code bottlenecks. It's besides moving with authorities DMVs to contented commercialized driver's licenses a batch faster due to the fact that of the existent shortage of motortruck drivers.

The recognition standing institution Moody's warns issues with the proviso concatenation volition get worse earlier they get better.