Travis Scott Drops 2 Epic New Singles ‘Escape Plan’ & ‘Mafia’ — Listen

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November 5, 2021 12:14AM EDT

Are you acceptable to caput to ‘Utopia?’ Travis Scott conscionable dropped TWO caller singles and they’re some beauteous amazing.

Three years aft Travis Scott dropped his landmark medium Astroworld, the Houston autochthonal and begetter of Kylie Jenners kids gave fans presumably the archetypal sensation of the long-awaited follow-up, Utopia. Travis, 29, really dropped 2 songs — “Escape Plan” and “Mafia” — connected Friday (Nov. 5), and fans are going chaotic implicit them. Take a perceive below.

La Flame amazed fans connected Thursday by tweeting retired that “SOME NEW MUSIC AT MIDNIGHT.” Travis besides shared a photoshopped mentation of the celebrated Weekly World News “Batboy” cover. This caller “Weekly World Truths” declared “The True Dystopia Is Here,” portion asking, “who knows what lies beneath the surface?” The screen besides ‘shopped Batboy to look much similar Travis. “When The End Arrives Its (sic) Really The Beginning,” the “Truths” declared. It was unclear astatine the clip if Travis was going to driblet a mixtape oregon a single, but now, we know.

Since releasing Astroworld in 2018, Travis has kept his fans satiated with eye-catching tours and plentifulness of further music. He dropped “Highest In The Room” successful 2019, the aforesaid twelvemonth helium released his JackBoys collab album. In 2020, helium teamed with Kid Cudi to enactment retired the Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 hit, “The Scotts,” arsenic good arsenic “The Plan” (from the Tenet soundtrack) and “Franchise,” his chart-topping collab with Young Thug and M.I.A. While this and a fewer impermanent appearances connected tracks by artists similar Ed Sheeran and Schoolboy Q have helped support Travis’s momentum since Astroworld, fans person been acceptable for the caller merchandise for a while.

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Though Travis has yet to corroborate the sanction of his caller album, helium dropped a important hint erstwhile celebrating Astroworld’s second anniversary. Travis tweeted a representation of a handwritten enactment that read: “Happy Astroversary a 2 twelvemonth thrust that’s inactive 1 of my favorites!!! Album means truthful overmuch to me!! To each 1 that bumps and rages to that soundtrack I emotion you. Let’s support the thrust going. See you successful Utopia.”

Expect much themes of trippy, beyond-world experiences to beryllium woven into this caller album. “I’m successful this caller medium mode wherever it’s similar psychedelic rock,” Travis told WWD successful June 2021. As for what songs volition beryllium connected this caller project, it’s expected that “Highest In The Room” volition beryllium among the tracklisting. A snippet of different unreleased song, coined “Vision” by fans, was portion of a Kylie Cosmetics commercial. On an October 2021 occurrence of WAV Radio, Travis previewed a opus with 21 Savage titled “Niagara Falls.” A fewer months earlier, La Flame deed up WAV RADIO to preview a opus called “White Tee,” a opus aboriginal released arsenic “Franchise.”