Trend watch: How to wear oversized shirts

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An oversized garment is the neutral powerfulness subordinate of your wardrobe. Choose a striped fabric, oregon classical achromatic oregon blue, and you volition find that its versatility is limitless. Style it somewhat dishevelled, à la Patti Smith, with constrictive pants, oregon offset a miniskirt with its measurement – deliberation Julia Roberts successful the buying country from the 1990 blockbuster Pretty Woman – with sleeves rolled up.

Alternatively, you could supersize your full look arsenic the Row did with an unfastened garment implicit a tucked-in vessel apical worn with wide-leg trousers (swap the vessel retired for a fine-gauge achromatic polo cervix worn underneath connected days erstwhile the upwind is colder). Comme des Garçons’ aptly named “Shirt” enactment is apical of the class. Top tip: spell for men’s styles if you’re aft a looser fit. Palmer/Harding are shirting maestros, creating connection seasonless pieces that are destined to beryllium wardrobe talking points. Look for their dual styles with detachable sleeves suitable for year-round wear.

With Nothing Underneath’s fellow garment (£85) is simply a bully all-rounder and the marque offers a monogramming work for an further charge. Meanwhile, connected the precocious street, Massimo Dutti’s loose-fit pick garment has a ruffle-collar item (£59), Ninety Percent’s treble pouch garment (£99) looks bully styled with fractional tuck into highwaisted trousers and H&M’s achromatic style, £17.99, is the cleanable prime for a much casual look, worn with jeans and level mules. Accessorise your garment with minimal jewellery; a good concatenation necklace and elemental set ringing are the cleanable finishing touch.

Logo-embroidered £165, Homme Girls

Logo-embroidered shirt,£165, Homme Girls,

Oversized stripe shirt, £29.99,

Oversized stripe shirt, £29.99,

Off White Matt Cotton Poplin £325,

Off-white matt fabric poplin shirt, £325,

Oversized striped £59,

Oversized striped shirt, £59,

Long Oxford £95,

Long Oxford shirt, £95,

Blue striped £59,

Blue stripe shirt, £59,