Trinidad and Tobago Ambassador Dennis Francis Elected UN General Assembly President

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Trinidad and Tobago Ambassador Dennis Francis has been elected to service arsenic president of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) for its 78th session.

Francis, whose diplomatic vocation successful the Caribbean federation spans astir 40 years, has been the imperishable typical of Trinidad and Tobago to the United Nations since September 2021.

He was elected arsenic president by acclamation during a ceremonial astatine the U.N. office successful New York connected June 1 and volition instrumentality the helm of the United Nations’ main policy-making assemblage successful September.

Later successful September, helium will preside implicit the yearly gathering of satellite leaders successful New York.

It marks the archetypal clip that a nominee from Trinidad and Tobago has been elected UNGA president, according to the Trinidad Express.

“My bosom is genuinely full, adjacent arsenic I stay keenly alert that being called to service arsenic President of the General Assembly of the United Nations constitutes a weighty responsibility,” Francis said successful a statement.

The wide assembly consists of each 193 U.N. subordinate states and works to advance planetary bid arsenic good arsenic tackle planetary issues similar poverty, hunger and inequality, entree to education, and clime change.

It often makes resolutions—declarations voted connected by each subordinate states—which are not legally binding but transportation a motivation value and pertain to issues specified arsenic satellite peace.

In the past, the wide assembly has adopted resolutions calling for Russia to wage reparations to Ukraine owed to the ongoing penetration and called for Russian troops to instantly retreat from Ukraine.

Other resolutions person included condemning the Taliban’s prohibition connected women moving for the organization.

Francis succeeds Csaba Korosi, a Hungarian diplomat successful the relation of UNGA president.

Korosi, who inactive has 100 days remaining until helium steps down arsenic head, congratulated Francis successful a connection connected June 1, adding that with “his extended acquisition & his unsocial position coming from a Small Island Developing State, I americium assured that the UNGA volition beryllium successful susceptible hands.”

Elsewhere, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres noted that Francis’s tenure comes during a “deeply challenging moment” for humanity amid planetary conflicts including Russia’s penetration of Ukraine, escalating poverty, a volatile fiscal system, and sustainable improvement goals—also known arsenic the “global goals”—that are “slipping retired of reach.”

Those goals were adopted by the United Nations successful 2015 arsenic portion of a telephone to enactment to guarantee global peace and prosperity by 2030.

“Across each of these issues, the satellite looks to this Assembly to unite Member States astir communal solutions,” Guterres said. “President-elect Francis brings a wide scope of skills, experience, and cognition to this indispensable task.”

‘Common Cause successful Finding Consensus’

After his appointment, Francis said helium plans to prioritize “encouraging and facilitating meaningful dialogue” successful his relation arsenic president.

“It is my anticipation to bring forward, with your assistance and support, a renewed ambiance of conciliation, cooperation, and shared committedness successful addressing the galore challenges and seizing each opportunity, nevertheless nascent, earlier the General Assembly,” helium said.

“I volition question to heighten existent approaches and follow caller ones with probable solutions, arsenic we endeavor to present oregon astatine slightest to fortify the bases for delivering Peace, Prosperity, Progress, and Sustainability,” helium added.

Asked however the ongoing Russian penetration of Ukraine will factor into the upcoming UNGA league successful September, Francis told The Associated Press: “I judge that the volition exists, and the capableness exists, to deliberation and enactment globally beyond the limits of the war, and that volition beryllium thing that I’ll beryllium seeking to promote successful assorted ways truthful that we tin marque communal origin successful uncovering consensus, or, if not consensus, astatine slightest compromise.”

Francis was an ambassador successful his state for 18 years until his compulsory status successful 2016, making him the Caribbean country’s longest-serving ambassador.

He antecedently served arsenic Trinidad and Tobago’s main typical successful Jamaica and Geneva and elder advisor to the curate of overseas affairs connected matters specified arsenic clime change.