Truck Driver Defeated NJ Senate President After Spending $153 on Campaign

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Edward Durr, a commercialized motortruck operator for 25 years, unseated successful the Nov. 2 predetermination the long-tenured New Jersey Senate president aft spending lone $153 connected the campaign, according to unofficial predetermination results published by New Jersey Herald.

To his surprise, Durr, a Republican, won 52 percent of the votes defeating New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney successful the District 3 Senate race. His grassroots run included knocking connected doors to present himself to voters, reported NJ. com.

“The comic happening is, whenever I went astir door-to-door, everybody, the archetypal words retired of their rima was ‘Good luck;’ similar they knew the governmental powerfulness that was being wielded down here,” Durr, 58, told Fox 29 Philadelphia successful an interview.

“We request radical who recognize the adverse effects of what’s going connected successful this state,” helium said.

“The Senate President has spent 20 years successful Trenton,” Durr said successful his run video. “Higher taxes, expanding debt, and the rising outgo of living; we merit better. New Jersey, it’s clip for a change.”

“Let’s extremity single-party rule,” helium added.

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— Edward Durr (@edwarddurr1) September 21, 2021

Sweeney, 62, has been the Senate president since 2010 and has served arsenic a New Jersey legislator since 2002.

“I judge successful God. I americium hard-working, trusting, and precise loyal. I judge successful fiscal responsibility, transparency, and little taxes,” Durr, who considers himself a “ blue-collar” said successful his campaign. He besides is simply a protagonist of the 2nd Amendment.

Durr advocated a tax reform claiming that taxes, including spot taxes, are a large occupation successful New Jersey.

“We person taxed the radical to the verge of death. Many radical person decided to determination retired of a authorities they lived successful each their life. I consciousness we indispensable trim taxes crossed the board, on with [reducing] government,” the trucker said.

Durr claimed that helium spent lone $153 connected his predetermination campaign, including a acquisition of Dunkin’ Donuts for his tiny team. He raised little than $10,000, according to his run concern filings, reported Philly Voice.

Durr’s entire territory successful Southern New Jersey turned Republican arsenic 2 Democratic Assemblymen were besides defeated by 2 Republican women successful the Nov. 2 election: Bethanne McCarthy Patrick, a firefighter/EMT, and realtor Beth Sawyer, according to unofficial returns for the New Jersey election.

New Jersey Legislative Races

All 120 seats successful New Jersey’s Legislature were connected the ballot successful this year’s election. Many precincts are inactive expected to study the results of the legislative election.

The unofficial results successful districts that completed their reporting astatine the clip of work showed that Republicans unseated 1 legislator and six assembly members. One vacant seat successful the authorities Senate was besides won by a Republican.

Coming into predetermination day, Democrats had controlled the Assembly with 52 seats to Republicans’ 28. In the Senate, Democrats had 25 seats to the Republicans’ 15.

New Jersey’s Legislature consists of 40 districts, which each sends 1 legislator and 2 assembly members to Trenton, the state’s capital. Assembly members service two-year terms, portion senators service four-year terms, but for the archetypal predetermination aft the census—which comes this year—when they service two-year terms.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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