Trump Reveals His Biggest Fear, Warns ‘We’re at the Most Dangerous Time … Maybe Ever’

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Former President Donald Trump said his biggest interest present is wherever geopolitical tensions implicit Ukraine and Taiwan whitethorn beryllium headed, saying that helium thinks “we could extremity up successful World War III” and that the struggle could spell nuclear.

Trump, successful a Sept. 27 quality connected the “Cats astatine Night Show,” was asked astir his main concerns and what keeps him “up astatine night.”

“More than thing else, I deliberation we could extremity up successful World War III,” the erstwhile president replied.

He said World War III could beryllium sparked by “all of the horrible things that took spot successful Ukraine,” adding that it “looks similar it’s going to hap successful China with Taiwan … you spot what’s going connected implicit there.”

China’s communist authorities recently ramped up its subject menace against the self-ruled land of Taiwan, which Beijing views arsenic its ain territory to beryllium taken by force, if necessary.

“China has acted progressively aggressively erstwhile it comes to Taiwan,” U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said successful a caller interview, according to CBS News. “That poses a menace to bid and stableness successful the full region.”

Even though the United States ended ceremonial diplomatic ties with Taiwan successful 1979 and switched designation to Beijing nether the “One China” policy, Washington maintains a robust unofficial narration with Taipei and is legally bound to supply it with the arms indispensable to support itself.

Tensions successful Ukraine, connected the different hand, person taken a crook for the worse arsenic Ukrainian forces launched a large counteroffensive, prompting Russian President Vladimir Putin to mobilize much troops and suggest successful a code connected Sept. 21 that Moscow was prepared to usage atomic weapons successful the conflict.

In his interview, Trump commented connected Putin’s remarks and the atomic threat.

“I deliberation we’re astatine the astir unsafe clip possibly successful many, galore years—maybe ever—because of the powerfulness of nuclear,” Trump said.

“For a large federation that’s adjacent with america connected atomic powerfulness to beryllium throwing astir the connection cavalierly, similar nuclear, is simply a precise atrocious time. A precise atrocious clip for this state and a precise atrocious and a precise unsafe clip for the world,” Trump added.

Trump erstwhile again expressed the presumption that if helium were inactive successful the White House, Putin would not person ordered his troops into Ukraine.

“I got on with him precise well. I spoke to him. I understood him,” Trump said of Putin. “He understood me, probably. But I understood him well, and helium would person ne'er done it.”

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