Trump Says GOP House Win Is Just the Start of the Battle

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Former President Donald Trump, successful his archetypal large quality since announcing his candidacy for president, said that the Republican occurrence successful retaking the House is the conscionable “beginning of the battle” to prevention the United States.

“Breaking the extremist Democrats’ grip connected Congress this period was vital—is a large thing. But we’ve ever known that 2022 was not the end, lone the opening of the conflict to prevention our country,” Trump said. “Now, we person to instrumentality the combat consecutive to [President] Joe Biden and his extremist and incompetent administration.

Trump made the remarks astatine the Republican Jewish Coalition gathering successful Las Vegas via video nexus connected Nov. 19.

“We person to propulsion backmost hard connected each overreach and telephone retired each azygous failure, of which there’s truthful many, and past we person to instrumentality backmost the White House successful 2024—that’s imperative,” Trump said.

Donald Trump, jewish Former President Donald Trump speaks virtually astatine the Republican Jewish Coalition Annual Leadership Meeting successful Las Vegas connected Nov. 19, 2022. (Wade Vandervort/AFP via Getty Images)

After hinting for months that helium would tally for president successful 2024, the erstwhile president officially announced his 3rd run for the White House connected Nov. 15.

After announcing his White House bid, Trump revealed his “national greatness agenda” which includes respective caller argumentation proposals specified arsenic ending each of the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates, cutting national backing to schools that thatch Marxist-inspired captious contention theory, and pushing to necessitate elector IDs, same-day voting, and lone insubstantial ballots.

“With [2024] victory, we volition extremity Joe Biden’s ostentation nightmare and rapidly rebuild the top system successful the past of the world,” Trump continued. “We volition motorboat an all-out run to bring manufacturing retired of China and backmost to America wherever it belongs. We volition unafraid our confederate borderline and halt amerciable migration erstwhile and for all.”

America “will go vigor autarkic arsenic we were conscionable 2 years ago,” Trump added. “We volition reconstruct America’s spot and lasting connected the satellite stage.”

When asked astir however helium could marque the Republican Party much appealing to suburban voters, Trump said that galore of his endorsed candidates person won.

“In the midterms, arsenic you’ve astir apt heard, I was 222 wins and 16 losses, the property doesn’t privation to notation that, and the Republican Party got five cardinal much votes than the Democrats,” Trump said.

According to Ballotpedia, 16 Trump-backed Senate candidates won successful the midterm elections portion 6 lost. Republican Herschel Walker, who is besides endorsed by Trump, has precocious to a runoff predetermination successful Georgia’s Senate race.

“The Republican Party is simply a overmuch bigger and much almighty enactment than it was earlier I got there,” Trump added.

According to a caller Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey (pdf), which was conducted for 2 days ending connected Nov. 17, 46 percent said they would backmost Trump for the 2024 Republican statesmanlike primary, followed by Florida Gov. DeSantis with 28 percent and erstwhile vice president Mike Pence with 7 percent.

In a hypothetical 2024 matchup, the survey besides recovered that 44 percent would enactment Trump, compared to 42 percent who said they would ballot for Biden.


If elected successful 2024, Trump besides vowed that the United States volition “stand with Israel erstwhile more,” criticizing Biden for having “betrayed Israel and the Jewish community.”

“The confederation is not beardown now, not adjacent beardown by a small bit. Under my administration, we fought for Israel and the Jewish assemblage similar nary president successful history,” Trump said. “Everybody successful the country knows that I was arrogant to beryllium the top person Israel has ever had successful the White House.”

Trump spoke of his antithetic achievements erstwhile helium was president, including moving the U.S. embassy successful Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem successful 2018.

“I besides recognized Israeli sovereignty implicit the Golan Heights, thing that astir radical didn’t adjacent inquire maine to bash due to the fact that they felt it was impossible—52 years they were moving connected that—I got it done successful 1 day,” Trump said.

The erstwhile president officially recognized Golan Heights arsenic portion of Israel successful March 2019.

President Donald Trump (L) and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu amusement   the proclamation recognizing Israel’s sovereignty implicit    Golan Heights aft  a gathering  extracurricular  the West Wing of the White House Then-President Donald Trump (L) and then-Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu amusement the proclamation recognizing Israel’s sovereignty implicit Golan Heights aft a gathering extracurricular the West Wing of the White House connected March 25, 2019. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

“I withdrew the United States from the corrupt hypocritical U.N. Human Rights Council, which had allowed the world—the satellite I mean the astir horrific quality rights abusers—to onslaught the United States and to onslaught Israel,” Trump added.

The Trump medication pulled retired from the 47-nation assembly successful June 2018 but the Biden medication rejoined it past year. Currently, immoderate of the world’s worst quality rights abusers sit connected the Geneva-based council, including Cuba, China, Somalia, Sudan, and Venezuela.

“I withdrew from the one-sided Iran atomic deal and imposed the toughest ever sanctions connected the Iranian regime. … Working with our Israeli allies, we destroyed the ISIS territorial territorial caliphate—100 percent of it.”

Trump besides touted his administration’s achievements successful appointing a special envoy to “combat the scourge of anti-Semitism worldwide” and for brokering the Abraham Accords, which person normalized diplomatic relations betwixt Israel and respective Arab states, peculiarly the United Arabs Emirates and Bahrain.

“With the historical Abraham Accords, we created bid successful the Middle East, thing that cipher thought would adjacent beryllium imaginable to say, fto unsocial get it done,” Trump said. “Tragically, Joe Biden has betrayed Israel and the Jewish assemblage and squandered our astonishing success.”

“From the precise beginning, helium [Biden] sold retired Israel’s information and began begging to re-enter the Iran atomic woody connected adjacent worse presumption than before. It was a catastrophe earlier but these would beryllium adjacent worse terms.”

In mid-October, State Department spokesperson Ned Price said the Biden medication was not focused connected securing a atomic woody with Tehran.

“When we triumph successful 2024, the epoch of backstabbing and betrayal volition extremity and the United States volition basal with Israel erstwhile much and conscionable arsenic it did successful my administration,” Trump said.

“Two years ago, we were a large nation. And soon, with the assistance of the Republican Jewish Coalition and patriots each crossed this land, we volition beryllium a large federation again.”

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