Truth Social Is Rising as the Anti-Mastodon

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Then there’s Mastodon’s code. As Truth Social was nether improvement successful 2021, the Software Freedom Conservancy accused it of violating a escaped and unfastened root bundle licensing statement for taking Mastodon’s code. Anyone tin usage Mastodon’s code, but they indispensable marque the root codification public. Truth Social called its codification “proprietary,” which violated the licensing agreement. It later quietly added an unfastened root conception to its website, acknowledging the unfastened root codification and Mastodon. 

Alongside its growth, Truth Social is dealing with a financing snag: Some $1.3 cardinal successful backing is entangled with a merger betwixt Trump Media and Technology Group, which owns Truth Social, and Digital World Acquisition Corp. Federal prosecutors and regulators are investigating the deal, which could propulsion Digital World to liquidate and the backing to evaporate. The timepiece was ticking with a December 8 deadline for the merger, but shareholders of Digital World voted connected November 22 to hold the merger until 2023. Trump Media has besides reportedly eyed partnerships with right-wing societal media sites Rumble and Parler. 

That’s precisely the benignant of occupation thing similar Mastodon tin avoid. It’s founded connected an perfect of decentralization, meaning it cannot beryllium bought and manipulated by 1 idiosyncratic due to the fact that the web is made up of more than 7,700 autarkic servers. Mastodon has had explosive growth since Musk bought Twitter, and present has 2.4 cardinal progressive monthly users, up from 381,000 the time the woody closed.

Truth Social is not decentralized, and it boasts respective blimpish celebrities but orbits astir Trump and his brand. (He has 4.6 cardinal followers connected the platform.) Trump Media and Technology Group did not respond to requests for remark connected the site’s size, however it has grown amid caller events, oregon whether Trump volition instrumentality to Twitter. 

Trump has a vested involvement successful lasting up Truth Social, truthful his indifference successful returning to Twitter erstwhile Musk archetypal bought the level and floated the thought made sense. But present that he’s moving for president successful 2024, it whitethorn beryllium hard and detrimental for Trump to defy the lure of 88 cardinal followers awaiting him connected Twitter, compared to less than 5 cardinal connected Truth Social. Still, he’s staying away, for now. “I perceive we’re getting a large ballot to besides spell backmost connected Twitter,” Trump said Saturday. “I don’t spot it due to the fact that I don’t spot immoderate crushed for it.” 

Trump also reportedly has a declaration with Truth Social that requires him to marque galore of his posts determination exclusive for 8 hours earlier they look connected different networks. (There are exceptions for immoderate contented straight related to governmental messaging, fundraising, and elector turnout.) 

Many radical who usage alternate platforms similar Truth Social inactive get accusation from the giants similar Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, according to the Pew research. Like users of Mastodon, which radical person signed up for arsenic they wearily ticker however Twitter could change, Truth Social users mightiness beryllium supplementing their societal media alternatively than afloat replacing Twitter. But it’s a go-to spot for breaking news—or, astatine least, arsenic the spot to ticker Trump’s unfiltered reactions. After US national agents searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property successful August, downloads of the Truth Social app increased fivefold. 

Neither Mastodon nor Truth Social whitethorn ever rival Twitter. And Trump has remained characteristically vague astir his intentions for the vertebrate tract helium erstwhile called home. As Musk posed a canvass to Twitter connected November 19, asking whether helium should reinstate Trump’s account, the erstwhile president shared it connected his Truth Social. “Vote present with positivity, but don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere,” he wrote. “Truth Social is special!”