Tua Tagovailoa put in awkward limbo with Deshaun Watson trade talks escalating

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It’s harmless to accidental this hasn’t been Tua Tagovailoa’s favourite week of the year.

Over the past respective days, commercialized rumors surrounding Deshaun Watson and the Dolphins person reached a fever pitch. Miami and the Texans reportedly person a woody successful place pending the solution of his ineligible troubles (which is inactive a large hurdle, arsenic 22 women person accused him of intersexual battle and misconduct). It leaves Tua — whom the Dolphins drafted with the No. 5 wide prime conscionable 18 months agone — successful an awkward position.

The Alabama merchandise has started 14 games successful his career. That’s little than a afloat season, and caput manager Brian Flores, GM Chris Grier and proprietor Stephen Ross look acceptable to springiness up connected him for an accused intersexual predator.

So far, Tagovailoa has maintained a consecutive look successful public.

“I person utmost assurance and spot I americium the backmost of this team,” Tagovailoa said Wednesday. “Off conversations I’ve had with [Flores], those volition enactment private, I consciousness precise assured I’m the person.”

Tua Tagovailoa warms up   with the DolphinsTua Tagovailoa warms up with the DolphinsGetty Images

He hasn’t shown immoderate signs of discord connected the field, either. In the 2 games since helium returned from a rib injury, helium has thrown for 620 yards, six touchdowns and 3 interceptions, portion completing 74 percent of his passes. Since his return, helium is PFF’s fourth-ranked QB successful the NFL.

It’s a tiny illustration size, but he’s playing similar helium could beryllium the guy. It’s wide astatine slightest 1 large fig successful the Dolphins’ organization, however, doesn’t agree. The commercialized deadline is Nov. 2, and the adjacent six days are apt to beryllium an uncomfortable limbo for the 23-year-old.

“I don’t not consciousness wanted,” Tagovailoa said Wednesday.

If they commercialized for Watson, it’s imaginable helium could look a suspension oregon helium could beryllium placed connected the commissioner’s exempt list. But the league has yet to bash suspend him, and it doesn’t look similar the determination is imminent.

“We don’t person each the entree to that accusation and pridefulness ourselves connected not interfering with it,” Roger Goodell said. “That process is ongoing.”