Turkey bans citizens from Syria, Yemen and Iraq from flying to Minsk

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Citizens from Syria, Yemen and Iraq volition nary longer beryllium allowed to bargain formation tickets from Turkey to Minsk, Turkey’s civilian aviation wide directorate has said, amid a standoff betwixt Belarus and the EU implicit the accomplishment of thousands of radical astatine the Polish border.

The EU says Belarus is encouraging hundreds of radical fleeing war-torn parts of the satellite to effort to transverse its borders, and whitethorn enforce caller sanctions connected Belarus and airlines ferrying the migrants arsenic soon arsenic Monday.

Turkey and its flag-carrier Turkish Airlines person been accused of contributing to the travel of arrivals, an accusation it has rejected.

“In narration to the amerciable borderline crossing occupation betwixt the European Union and Belarus, it has been decided for citizens from Iraq, Syria and Yemen wanting to question to Belarus from our country’s airports not to beryllium sold tickets and not to beryllium allowed connected planes,” the aviation directorate tweeted.

Belarus’s state-owned hose Belavia, which has precocious accrued the fig of flights betwixt Turkey and Minsk, said it would comply with the measure. “In enactment with a determination by the ... Turkish authorities, citizens of Iraq, Syria, Yemen volition not beryllium accepted for proscription connected flights from Turkey to Belarus from 12 November 2021,” it said successful a connection connected its website.

Belavia has antecedently denied immoderate engagement successful trafficking.

Asked who it had blocked from travelling and when, Belavia said: “Belavia wouldn’t similar to specify the names of question agencies, arsenic we can’t beryllium 100% definite that these agencies are consciously engaged successful trafficking migrants. Belavia has blocked a fig of BSP IATA [the International Air Transport Association’s billing and colony plan] agencies arsenic a preventive measurement based connected their activities which violates Belavia booking policy. Also specified activities could facilitate trafficking.

“The examples see ‘hidden groups’ – respective idiosyncratic bookings with 7 to 9 passengers connected the aforesaid formation who are citizens of ‘high-risk’ countries, oregon [where] the passport details of passengers are not specified successful specified bookings by the agents. Or successful the lawsuit of bookings which were initially created for passengers with European names which afterwards, close earlier the summons issuance, were changed by the agents to Arabian ones.”

Hundreds of radical are present surviving successful a structure campy connected the Belarus-Poland borderline successful near-freezing temperatures. Poland, which has established a authorities of exigency successful the borderline portion enforced by hundreds of troops, refuses to let them in.

Late connected Thursday the United States and European delegations connected the UN information assembly urged enactment implicit Belarus’s behaviour, describing the migrant situation arsenic “orchestrated” and saying Minsk was endangering radical “for governmental purposes”.

After an exigency gathering connected the situation the occidental delegations astatine the information assembly successful New York issued a associated connection condemning “the orchestrated instrumentalisation of quality beings whose lives and wellbeing person been enactment successful information for governmental purposes by Belarus”.

They said Belarus was doing this with “the nonsubjective of destabilising neighbouring countries and the European Union’s outer borderline and diverting attraction distant from its ain expanding quality rights violations”.

“This maneuver is unacceptable and calls for a beardown planetary absorption and practice successful bid to clasp Belarus accountable,” the occidental connection said without mentioning immoderate benignant of factual measures to punish Belarus.

“It demonstrates however the Lukashenko authorities has go a menace to determination stability. We telephone connected the Belarusian authorities to halt these inhumane actions and not to enactment people’s lives astatine risk,” it added.

Reuters contributed to this report