Twitter turned on Shailene Woodley after Aaron Rodgers’ COVID controversy

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Aaron Rodgers’ fiancee, histrion Shailene Woodley, is caught successful the crossfire of the quarterback’s COVID-19 controversy.

The Golden Globe-winner began trending connected Twitter aft the quality that Rodgers tested affirmative for COVID-19 – and is unvaccinated.

Critics blamed Woodley for being an power connected Rodgers’ reported determination to person an alternate “homeopathic treatment” from his idiosyncratic doc to rise his antibody level.

Aaron Rodgers and Shailene WoodleyAaron Rodgers and Shailene WoodleyGetty Images

Woodley, though, is believed to beryllium vaccinated, arsenic her existent movie project, Showtime’s “Three Women,” has a mandatory vaccination policy, according to Backstage.

The disapproval of Woodley was fueled successful portion by past comments she’s made astir her lifestyle. She erstwhile told David Letterman that she eats clay arsenic portion of a detoxification diet. The “Divergent” prima has also said she gargles sesame lipid for whiter teeth, and sunbathes her backstage country aft being inspired by an herbalist.

Shailene Woodley made her and Aaron Rodgers’s covid vaccines retired of the aforesaid clay she makes her toothpaste from

— Emily (@emilybernay) November 4, 2021

Just saying that if y’all person heard Shailene Woodley talk, it comes arsenic nary astonishment that Aaron Rodgers is not vaccinated 🥴

— Elise (@eleelees) November 4, 2021

You already cognize Shailene Woodley rubbed immoderate crystals connected A A Ron and said it'd beryllium fine

— derik #StandWithIATSE (@derik__david) November 4, 2021

Rodgers has travel nether occurrence for telling reporters successful August that helium is “immunized” erstwhile asked if helium was vaccinated.

The backmost reportedly approached the league to petition a reappraisal of his alternate treatment, and the NFL and NFLPA agreed that it was not capable to beryllium considered vaccinated. As a result, helium was forced to comply successful the COVID protocol for unvaccinated players.

Per the protocol, Rodgers is taxable to miss 10 days. He is reportedly participating successful squad meetings via Zoom portion isolated.

Head manager Matt LaFleur confirmed that Rodgers volition miss Sunday’s crippled against the Chiefs, which would’ve been the archetypal clip Rodgers faced Patrick Mahomes.

Backup Jordan Love — who the Packers drafted successful 2020, which caused hostility with Rodgers — volition regenerate the reigning NFL MVP.