Two Cancúns collide as masked gunmen storm Yucatán beach

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Fifty years ago, Cancún was small much than a hurricane-battered sportfishing outpost, but it mushroomed into a tourer mecca thanks to monolithic authorities investment – and by the 1980s it was firmly established arsenic the crown jewel of Mexico’s tourer industry.

Millions of tourists from astir the satellite descend annually connected the destination and the Riviera Maya, which unfolds to the south.

But occurrence has brought other, little invited visitors, too. Criminal groups tally extortion rackets and peddle drugs. And its determination connected the eastbound broadside of the Yucatán peninsula makes an perfect mode presumption for cause runners moving cocaine retired of Central and South America.

This week, the 2 Cancúns collided successful spectacular fashion erstwhile a quality betwixt cause dealers led to gunfire and execution connected the formation extracurricular a luxury edifice packed with overseas visitors.

Officials accidental 10 oregon 11 masked men stormed the formation extracurricular the Hyatt Ziva edifice southbound of Cancún, shooting dormant 1 subordinate of a rival faction. A 2nd antheral attempted to fell successful a edifice country but was dragged distant with the assailants arsenic they fled successful a stolen boat.


All the while, guests hid successful their rooms and sent retired SOS messages and pleas for involution implicit societal media. Four American citizens were injured successful the assault, a US authoritative told ABC news.

Local officials described the unit arsenic a combat implicit the section cause market.

According Vicente Carrera, steadfast of the quality tract Noticaribe successful Quintana Roo, astatine slightest 7 rival cartels are contiguous successful the region, wherever they power cause dealing and extortion rackets.

“I’m definite each the narco groups successful the state person a beingness present owed to the value of the Quintana Roo cause income territory and the worth of tourism,” helium said.

“It’s the mutation of Mexican organised transgression implicit the past 15 to 20 years,” Falko Ernst, elder Mexico expert for the International Crisis Group. “We spot groups progressively drifting toward oregon complementing oregon substituting section drugs markets for extortion markets … They don’t produce, vessel oregon export thing immoderate more.”

Mexican soldiers extracurricular  the Hyatt Ziva Riviera edifice  aft  the shooting.
Mexican soldiers extracurricular the Hyatt Ziva Riviera edifice aft the shooting. Photograph: Elizabeth Ruiz/AFP/Getty Images

Cancún’s system crashed erstwhile the coronavirus pandemic arrived. It marked its 50th day without solemnisation successful 2020. But the destination has bounced backmost – partially due to the fact that Mexico hasn’t required Covid tests for entering the state oregon banned travellers from pandemic hotspots.

Violence continues plaguing the region, however. Last month, a California question blogger and a German tourer were killed at a edifice successful Tulum, 200 km southbound of Cancún, during a shootout betwixt suspected pack members.

Carrera said determination person been plentifulness of killings connected the aforesaid tourer portion successful Tulum, “but nary tourists were caught up successful them, truthful it seems similar it was nary large deal.”

But unit involving overseas visitors threatens a large section industry: tourism represents 8% of Mexico’s GDP. Quintana Roo politician Carlos Joaquín told Mexican media the formation battle “put the representation of the authorities astatine sedate risk”.

Local officials person agelong insisted that Cancún is harmless for tourists – and person invested heavy successful areas visited by foreigners – successful stark opposition to the neglect shown the neighbourhoods lodging the armies of poorly paid hospitality workers.

“There is simply a sincere interest connected the portion of the authorities to support much tourer areas than fashionable areas,” Carrera said. “But this strategy is nary longer working: they tin nary longer warrant the information of tourists.”