Tylenol murders: daughter tells of toll of unsolved killings, 40 years on

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Forty years aft the infamous Tylenol murders killed her begetter and 2 different adjacent relatives, a Wisconsin pistillate refuses to instrumentality the fashionable symptom pills.

Kasia Janus besides ever verifies products are decently sealed earlier she buys thing astatine stores, she said successful a precocious published series of interviews with CNN that described the gut-wrenching bequest near down for her by the unsolved Tylenol killings, which made tampering with medications arsenic good arsenic different user goods a national transgression but stay unsolved.

“It is thing that altered the beingness of each idiosyncratic successful the world,” Janus, who had ne'er earlier spoken publically astir her ordeal, told CNN. “And I privation radical to cognize that, yeah, this was my family, and it has changed each of us.”

At the clip conscionable four, Janus recalls being with her father, Adam, successful their Chicago suburb erstwhile helium bought an Extra-Strength Tylenol vessel that idiosyncratic had slipped cyanide pills into. Adam Janus, a 27-year-old postal worker, wasn’t feeling good – and without having immoderate mode to cognize the mortal peril that the vessel posed for him, helium took a pill from it earlier going to slumber that day.

Kasia said she inactive remembers proceeding her parent shriek erstwhile she couldn’t aftermath her begetter up the adjacent day, 29 September 1982. Paramedics came and took Adam Janus to a adjacent hospital, wherever doctors pronounced him dormant from what they suspected whitethorn person been a bosom attack.

But thing much sinister was afoot erstwhile Kasia’s paternal uncle Stanley Janus and his wife, Theresa Tarasewicz Janus, each took pills from the aforesaid Tylenol vessel that Adam had bought successful an effort to combat headaches.

Stanley Janus soon collapsed connected his precocious brother’s room floor. His woman – whom helium had conscionable joined – fell limp successful the surviving country a abbreviated portion aft that. The mates were aboriginal pronounced dead, too.

Meanwhile, a 12-year-old kid named Mary Kellerman had besides died abruptly successful different Chicago suburb aft taking an Extra-Strength Tylenol. Investigators soon confirmed determination was lethally poisonous cyanide wrong the Tylenol capsules successful question. But ultimately, 3 much radical – Mary Reiner, Mary McFarland and Paula Prince – died wrong days aft taking what they thought was an Extra-Strength Tylenol.

Manufacturer Johnson & Johnson recalled 31 cardinal Tylenol bottles arsenic panic dispersed nationwide. Congress yet criminalized tampering with medications and different user products, classifying that arsenic a national transgression that could transportation up to beingness imprisonment successful cases involving a death.

And soon, galore medications and foods sold implicit store counters began being sold successful tamper-proof, sealed packaging.

But nary 1 has ever been arrested successful transportation with the spate of poisonings that shattered the families of Janus and the others. Authorities won’t sermon the imaginable theories oregon suspects they person amid an probe that they importune remains unfastened and unforgotten.

But the constabulary main of the Chicago suburb wherever Adam Janus lived, Joe Murphy, told CNN helium hopes forensic exertion utilized to analyse DNA could yet nutrient the interruption they request to conclusively place whoever was liable for the Tylenol killings.

In the meantime, Kasia Janus has said she’s dealt with occasionally overwhelming sadness due to the fact that of the graduations her begetter couldn’t attend. She besides laments that her dada ne'er got to conscionable her and her husband, her son, her stepson and her step-grandson.

Kasia said she agelong blamed herself for her father’s death, adjacent though she was conscionable successful preschool erstwhile it happened. But she said years of therapy and yoga person helped her flooded her choler and guilt, and she’s hopeful determination volition beryllium justness successful the killings of her begetter arsenic good arsenic her aunt and uncle.

She besides told CNN she had invited galore radical to a memorial work and solemnisation of beingness luncheon honoring her begetter successful hopes that she’d larn things she ne'er got the accidental to due to the fact that of the murder.

“What was my dad’s favourite color? What was helium similar successful school? What was helium liked arsenic a boss?”

She added: “Good and bad, I privation to perceive those stories, due to the fact that it’s a reflection of who I am.”