Uber to Test Audio Recording Safety Feature in the US

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Uber Technologies Inc connected Thursday said it volition motorboat an optional audio signaling aviator programme successful 3 U.S. cities to heighten safety, allowing drivers and riders to nonstop travel recordings to Uber successful lawsuit of a information incident.

Uber astatine the extremity of 2019 disclosed it had received 6,000 reports of intersexual battle and 107 roadworthy fatalities related to 2.3 cardinal U.S. trips successful 2017 and 2018. The signaling diagnostic is intended to supply drivers and riders with added information if they consciousness uncomfortable and let users to taxable impervious of however a concern unfolded, Uber said.

The audio signaling diagnostic was launched successful Latin America 2 years agone and is disposable successful 14 countries successful the region, but volition rotation retired successful the United States for the archetypal time.

Launching successful Kansas City, Missouri, Louisville, Kentucky and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina aboriginal this month, drivers and riders volition beryllium capable to opt into audio signaling for idiosyncratic trips done the Uber app.

Riders are alerted to drivers perchance signaling a travel via an in-app banner and tin cancel if they are uncomfortable, Uber said.

Uber Vice President of Product Management Sachin Kansal said the institution has applied lessons learned successful Latin America to guarantee privacy, transparency and convenience.

Encrypted recordings are stored successful the Uber app and users are not capable to play them, Kansal said. If a information incidental occurs, users filing a information study tin nonstop the signaling to qualified Uber unit who are capable to decrypt it, Kansal said.

“We expect that radical volition beryllium precise accepting of this feature,” Kansal said. “As we larn from those cities and get feedback, we tin grow it further.”

Uttara Sivaram, Uber’s elder manager of nationalist policy, said the institution would initially absorption the signaling diagnostic connected U.S. jurisdictions with 1 enactment consent laws.

A spokeswoman connected Wednesday said the institution was awaiting full-year postulation fatality information from U.S. regulators to finalize its information study for the years 2019 and 2020.

By Tina Bellon