UFC 268 prediction: Why Colby Covington will get revenge against Kamaru Usman

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Kamaru Usman (-350) vs. Colby Covington (+260), welterweight (170 pounds) championship, main lawsuit

This is simply a rematch of a 2019 bout that was highly competitive. Each antheral inflicted striking harm connected the different until they entered the title rounds, erstwhile the combat began to sway to Usman. In that bout, Usman opened -175 and closed -185. 

Champion Usman is simply a stoic antheral and a highly trained warring machine. He possesses a world-class wrestling basal arsenic a Division II champion and a striking crippled that has developed rapidly since helium teamed with Trevor Wittman astatine Elevation nine successful Colorado. 

Usman, who connected combat nighttime volition measurement astatine slightest 190 pounds, uses guardant unit to interruption down the volition of his opponents with bludgeoning kicking, a piston-like jab onslaught and smothering wrestling. Usman has earned the rubric of apical pound-for-pound combatant successful the satellite based connected his tools, his caller results and the momentum helium totes into this tussle. 

Saturday nighttime  volition  beryllium  a rematch of a 2019 rubric  combat  for Kamaru Usman (right) and Colby Covington (left).Saturday nighttime volition beryllium a rematch of a 2019 rubric combat for Kamaru Usman (right) and Colby Covington (left).Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Covington, the top-ranked contender, has competed lone erstwhile since these 2 archetypal fought, a ascendant triumph implicit a washed-up Tyron Woodley past September. Covington antecedently portrayed himself to beryllium a self-centered braggart, and though that was 100 percent schtick, the hatred helium has received from fans carries into this bout adjacent though his demeanor and nationalist attack person changed drastically. 

Covington’s wrestling is surely connected par with Usman’s. Covington was an all-American wrestler astatine Oregon State, which makes the astir ascendant limb for each antheral a basal push. Covington’s striking is besides potent, for helium did vie with Usman efficaciously into the last circular of their archetypal bout. 

Usman has fought 3 times since these men past met, and though helium ramrodded overblown lightweight Jorge Masvidal twice, helium did demolish an elite welterweight, Gilbert Burns, successful February. 

The borderline Covington brings to this bout is that he’s astir the size of Usman and volition beryllium the quicker jock successful the cage, portion the powerfulness lies with the champion. 

What has Covington been doing since the Woodley result? Has helium been successful the gym, developing, learning and growing? We cognize helium did walk this full campy and erstwhile clip astatine MMA Masters, wherever helium was capable to absorption connected this opportunity. 

Covington is nary dummy, contrary to nationalist perception, truthful if helium is genuinely driven to go the champion, I americium unaware what has transpired implicit the past respective months that would marque maine deliberation Usman should beryllium priced immoderate higher than wherever helium closed astatine successful the past bout, oregon possibly adjacent -200 here. 

As I handicap this bout, the taxation connected Usman is excessively high. He’s getting recognition for caller occurrence implicit smaller men, and it’s my judgement that Covington has the size to enactment with the champion. If Covington has improved his question and onslaught evasion since that past bout, he’s 1 unrecorded underdog successful this spot. 

Recommendation: Covington +260. 

Covington via determination is 5/1, not a mediocre prime for those looking to spell long. 

Total successful this combat is 2.5 Over -175. It opened 2.5 Over -120. 

Recommendation: Lean to the Over. 

Rose Namajunas (+100) vs. Weili Zhang (-120), women’s strawweight (115 pounds) championship, co-main event

Here’s different rematch of a combat overmuch little competitory than Usman versus Covington. Namajunas knocked retired Zhang aboriginal successful the archetypal circular of their April title fight. 

Champion Namajunas is simply a dynamic mixed martial arts talent. She’s cerebral successful mind, and lethal successful her striking and crushed game. When she tin get ruffled is erstwhile idiosyncratic is capable to bully her, property her backward and unit her into adjacent quarters. Namajunas needs abstraction for her striking to beryllium astir effective. 

Rose Namajunas (left) looks to support  her rubric  against challenger Zhang Weili Saturday night.Rose Namajunas (left) looks to support her rubric against challenger Zhang Weili (right) Saturday night.Zuffa LLC

Zhang is simply a carnal monster, a forward-pressing destroyer who employs damaging strikes that originate from elbows, knees, fists, heels and shins. She’s assertive and fearless, but she learned firsthand that unsighted aggression against a fluid ninja specified arsenic Namajunas is an aboriginal walk to getting unglued, which is precisely what happened successful April. 

In this bout we’ll acquisition overmuch the same, but possibly we’ll get to ticker Zhang get unleashed much and astatine slightest endanger Namajunas. Will the champion beryllium capable to support distance, power abstraction and interaction up the incoming striker? Will Zhang person learned a much effectual mode to unreserved into the pouch against a combatant who has intelligence radar connected to responding weaponry? 

These questions are bound to beryllium answered Saturday. 

Winners of the archetypal combat successful UFC rematches are 69-44-2 successful the 2nd bout. However, winners of a archetypal combat that lasts little than 90 seconds are 3-5-1 successful the 2nd fight. Namajunas has had 3 rematches and is 3-0 successful those bouts.