UK defence minister faces call for inquiry into 2012 killing of Kenyan woman

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The UK defence secretary, Ben Wallace, is facing calls to motorboat an probe into a imaginable cover-up aft nary 1 was held liable for the alleged sidesplitting of a 21-year aged Kenyan pistillate by 1 oregon much off-duty British soldiers.

John Healey, the shadiness defence secretary, described the 2012 sidesplitting of Agnes Wanjiru, a enactment worker, arsenic “dreadful” and called for Wallace to “take this much seriously”.

It happened astatine the Lions Court edifice successful Nanyuki, cardinal Kenya, wherever British soldiers were reportedly drinking and having enactment with enactment workers, according to the Sunday Times.

The individuality of Wanjiru’s slayer was “an unfastened secret” arsenic helium had confessed to colleagues successful a panic astatine the time, the insubstantial reported. But the main suspect, who has not been named, said helium had ne'er been questioned. He denies engagement and present lives successful England.

On Sunday, Jane Marriott, the British precocious commissioner successful Nairobi, said elder subject officials from the UK would beryllium successful Kenya successful the coming weeks and “will beryllium discussing Ms Wanjiru’s execution and UK enactment to the Kenyan investigation”.

A spokesperson for Wallace besides said helium was “impatient with the pace” of a Kenyan probe into the sidesplitting and “has directed afloat cooperation”.

“He is moving with the subject and Kenyan constabulary to guarantee their probe is not impeded,” they said. However, determination is nary probe into the sidesplitting ongoing by the Royal Military Police and erstwhile subject leaders, Gen Lord Dannatt, erstwhile caput of the British army, and Gen Lord Richards of Hertsmonceux, the erstwhile caput of the equipped forces, told the Sunday Times the allegations should beryllium investigated.

A 2019 inquest successful Kenya concluded Wanjiru “was murdered by British soldiers” and contempt Kenyan constabulary investigations and inquiries by Ministry of Defence investigators nary 1 has been brought to justice.

The alleged slayer is said by colleagues to person adjacent shown them Wanjiru’s assemblage successful a septic vessel astatine the hotel. She had been stabbed, Kenyan investigators aboriginal concluded. Her girl is present 10 and her sister, Rose, told the Sunday Times: “We are poor, but we volition not beryllium silent. I cognize British soldiers killed her. All I tin bash present is commune they volition beryllium caught.”

“The details of this young Kenyan woman’s decease are dreadful, yet there’s inactive nary enactment from defence ministers connected reports of sedate failings by the British subject exposed successful this case,” Healey said.

“There’s been nary MoD-led probe of the soldiers progressive and nary enquiry into wherefore the MoD failed to respond erstwhile Kenyan detectives asked for help. Nine years on, justness indispensable present beryllium done for Agnes and her family.”

He continued: “The defence caput … should pledge the fullest practice to Kenyan detectives and motorboat an enquiry into immoderate imaginable cover-up from commanding officers, subject constabulary oregon the MoD. When our forces service overseas they basal up for British values and these allegations, if proven, would profoundly betray those values.”

The MoD said its peculiar probe subdivision carried retired archetypal inquiries successful Kenya successful 2012, “including providing accusation astir British unit to the Kenyan police”.

They said: “Following the decision of a Kenyan inquest successful 2019, we are alert that the Kenyan authorities are looking into this incident. The jurisdiction for this probe rests with the Kenyan police, and we are presently successful discussions with the Kenyan authorities to find what enactment is needed.”

According to the Sunday Times, a Kenyan justice presiding implicit the 2019 inquest concluded: “I person formed the sentiment that Agnes was murdered by British soldiers. It whitethorn person been 1 oregon two. But what is definite is that it was British soldiers due to the fact that they were dressed successful their uniform.”

The justice said that a breached reflector and humor were recovered successful a country astatine the Lions Court edifice and determination whitethorn person been a “cover-up”.

The paper reported that a solider, known arsenic Soldier Y, who was successful the edifice that nighttime said the alleged slayer came into the barroom wherever soldiers were drinking “crying, saying ‘help me, assistance me’.”

“I said ‘what bash you mean?’,” Soldier Y reportedly told the paper. “[He said] ‘I’ve killed her.’ [I said] ‘What bash you mean, you’ve killed her? Show me.”

He said the suspected slayer led him and different soldiers to the septic vessel down 1 of the lodges astatine the edifice showed them the pistillate inside.

The alleged slayer told the insubstantial his engagement was a “rumour” enactment astir by colleagues and said “there’s nary existent information successful it”.

On Sunday, the UK’s existent precocious commissioner successful Nairobi, Jane Marriott, tweeted: “I stock the interest astir the tragic decease of Agnes Wanjiru successful 2012 – my thoughts are with her household and the community. I tin guarantee Kenyans that the UK is afloat cooperating with the probe and volition assistance successful immoderate mode we can. The behaviour of the UK subject present is incredibly important to us. They bash a batch of bully successful Nanyuki, for the system and the community. But wherever determination are issues, we person and volition code them.”

She added that “senior subject visitors from the UK” would beryllium successful Kenya successful the coming weeks and “will beryllium discussing Ms Wanjiru’s execution and UK enactment to the Kenyan investigation”.