UK Defence Secretary Promises 2 Ships to Protect Underwater Cables

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Defence Secretary Ben Wallace says the British authorities plans to perpetrate “two specializer ships” to the task of protecting captious underwater cables which could beryllium attacked by Russia oregon different hostile overseas powers.

Wallace told the Conservative Party league successful Birmingham the “mysterious” harm suffered by the Nord Stream state pipelines successful the Baltic connected Sept. 26 was a reminder of however “fragile” the British system was to specified an onslaught connected its underwater infrastructure.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said claims the leaks on the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines were due to the fact that of Russian sabotage was “predictably stupid” but helium said, “This looks similar immoderate benignant of violent act, perchance astatine the authorities level.”

Russia unopen down Nord Stream 1 past month, citing a request for maintenance, and Nord Stream 2 was halted by Germany successful February, days earlier Russia invaded Ukraine.

Wallace said Russia had made “no secret” of its capableness to harm and disrupt underwater infrastructure.

Britain ‘Highly Reliant connected Pipelines and Cables’

Wallace said, “our net and vigor are highly reliant connected pipelines and cables” and helium said: “Our intent is to support them … I tin denote we precocious committed to 2 specializer ships with the capableness to support our cables and pipelines safe.”

He said by the extremity of 2022 the Royal Navy would acquisition a “multi-role survey vessel for seabed warfare” which would beryllium kitted retired and afloat operational by the extremity of 2023.

The 2nd vessel would beryllium built from scratch astatine a British shipyard but mightiness not beryllium operational for respective years.

In January the caput of Britain’s equipped forces, Adm. Sir Tony Radakin, said Russian submarines posed a large menace to underwater cables which transmit net information globally.

Radakin, a erstwhile caput of the Royal Navy, told The Times of London determination had been a “phenomenal summation successful Russian submarine and underwater activity” successful the past 20 years.

In December 2021 a Royal Navy frigate, HMS Northumberland, mislaid portion of its sonar aft colliding with a Russian submarine, which it was tracking, successful the Arctic Circle.

During his league speech, Wallace backed Prime Minister Liz Truss’s pledge to put 3 percent of Britain’s GDP successful defence by 2030 and he challenged Labour Party person Sir Keir Starmer to lucifer that promise.

“You know, Mr. Starmer, investing successful defence and supporting our troops requires a batch much than waving the Union Jack. You person to really money them. You person to really recognise that arsenic menace changes truthful indispensable the investment,” the defence caput told his audience.

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