UK Police Arrest 8 Following Deaths of 2 Teenage Boys

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Eight men were arrested connected suspicion of murder successful England, pursuing an incidental that near 2 teenage boys dormant and 1 different unfortunate injured.

Essex Police were called astatine astir 1:30 a.m. connected Sunday to Regency Court, Brentwood, wherever they recovered 3 radical injured.

Medics failed to prevention 2 teenage boys, but constabulary accidental the 3rd victim’s injuries were “neither life-threatening nor life-changing.”

Six men, aged betwixt 19 and 21, and 2 older men, aged 40 and 49, stay successful custody and are being questioned connected suspicion of murder.

Police volition corroborate the victims’ age, identity, and origin of decease aft conducting post-mortem examinations.

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Truss said officers are present “exploring galore lines of enquiry which see assessing hours of CCTV which amusement the country successful question.”

Epoch Times Photo A forensic serviceman astatine the country wherever 2 teenage boys died astatine Regency Court successful Brentwood, Essex, England, connected Oct. 24, 2021. (Aaron Chown/PA)

A neighbour told the PA quality bureau connected Sunday that helium had heard shouts and idiosyncratic “yelling retired successful pain” from the scene.

“I came location past night, I came successful 5 minutes earlier I heard the shouts and screams,” Mark MacIntosh said.

“I said ‘should I spell down?’ arsenic I usually bash if I deliberation there’s thing superior but I couldn’t hear.”

MacIntosh said helium paced astir his level wondering what to do, lone realising afterwards that helium had heard idiosyncratic “who whitethorn person mislaid his beingness soon thereafter.”

He besides said that the country had been dealing with changeless anti-social behaviour successful the lead-up to the incident, stemming from a multi-storey car parkland that overlooks the scene.

“There’s changeless anti-social behaviour, drinking, drugs, shouting, fighting,” MacIntosh said.

“I’ve heard radical saying ‘I’m going to termination him’ up there. I’ve travel down and breached up a weapon combat down astatine the bottommost present before.”

MacIntosh said helium had warned constabulary that thing atrocious would hap if they did not put “constant patrols” of the area.

“I phoned the constabulary 3 weeks agone and told them you request to marque changeless patrols astir here, due to the fact that thing atrocious is going to hap soon.”

Essex Police said connected Monday that “a disposable policing beingness volition proceed successful Brentwood implicit the coming days to reassure the community.”

Mourners were allowed done the constabulary cordon to permission flowers extracurricular connected Sunday.

Gareth Barrett, a Labour councillor for Brentwood South, said the incidental was unexpected due to the fact that it’s “usually a harmless area.”

He offered his thoughts to the victims’ families, adding, “This senseless unit is conscionable horrific.”

Alex Burghart, Conservative MP for Brentwood and Ongar, besides extended his “deepest condolences” to the families.

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