UK politics live: Labour criticises PM as Tories urged to vote down Paterson lobbying inquiry findings

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Good morning. It is astir 30 years since the currency for questions scandal, which revealed however MPs were utilizing their presumption arsenic parliamentarians for idiosyncratic gain. It led to the instauration of the committee connected standards successful nationalist beingness and a large overhaul of the rules governing what MPs are and are not allowed to do. Over the past 3 decades the strategy has been criticised, and amended, but by and ample it has survived with cross-party support. But contiguous Boris Johnson and the Conservatives look acceptable to stroke that statement isolated by voting for an overhaul of the system that would support Owen Paterson, the Tory erstwhile furniture minister, from a 30-day suspension for breaking lobbying rules.

The cross-party Commons standards committee recommended the punishment, connected the ground of the findings of an probe from Kathryn Stone, the parliamentary commissioner for standards. Since the extremity of the 2nd satellite war, disciplinary recommendations from this committee oregon its predecessors person astir ever been accepted by the Commons arsenic a whole, usually without a vote. For a standards committee uncovering to beryllium rejected arsenic comprehensively arsenic is being projected contiguous is thought to beryllium unprecedented.

Here is my workfellow Aubrey Allegretti’s preview story.

It is not astatine each wide yet, though, however contiguous volition cookware out. It is up to the Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, to determine whether helium volition let a ballot connected the Tory amendment, tabled by Andrea Leadsom, fundamentally rejecting the Paterson findings, and it has been reported that Hoyle believes that, if MPs were to cull the standards committee report, that would bash “real reputational damage” to the Commons.

If Hoyle does not let a ballot connected the amendment, Paterson’s supporters could simply effort to ballot down the projected suspension. But that would look adjacent worse, due to the fact that they would beryllium voting to support him without launching a reappraisal of the case. The projected suspension could extremity up being approved aft a part showing MPs split, astir apt mostly on enactment lines. This would beryllium damaging too, due to the fact that it would amusement the process successful spot for policing the behaviour of MPs nary longer commanding wide cross-party support.

Labour has accused the authorities of wanting a instrumentality to “the worst of the 1990s Tory sleaze culture”. Last night, aft it was reported that Johnson wants Tory MPs to backmost the Leadsom amendment, Thangam Debbonaire, the shadiness person of the Commons, said:

It is shocking that authorities ministers are being encouraged to ballot for a instrumentality to the worst of the 1990s Tory sleaze culture. A ballot for this amendment would crook the timepiece backmost to the epoch of Neil Hamilton, currency for questions and nary autarkic standards process.

Let’s not hide that the cross-party standards committee, including 3 Tory MPs, endorsed the commissioner’s 30 time authorisation for a breach of the regularisation astir paid advocacy.

On Monday the authorities failed to endorse the anti-sleaze study from Lord Evans of Weardale. Now the Tories privation to jettison the systems that has served america good and which has been a captious portion of rebuilding nationalist spot aft the acheronian days of Tory sleaze this authorities seems determined to instrumentality to.

Here is the docket for the day.

9am: Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, holds a property league astatine Cop26. For afloat coverage, bash work retired Cop26 unrecorded blog.

10am: Nadhim Zahawi, the acquisition secretary, gives grounds to the Commons acquisition committee.

12pm: Boris Johnson faces Angela Rayner, the lawman Labour leader, astatine PMQs. Sir Keir Starmer is inactive isolating due to the fact that helium tested affirmative for Covid.

After 12.30pm: Johnson makes a Commons connection connected Cop26.

After 1.30pm: MPs statesman the statement connected the standards committee study astir Owen Paterson. The voting volition travel 90 minutes later.

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