UK rail strikes: what is happening?

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What’s happening?

After last-minute talks to avert them failed connected Monday, the obstruction strikes that got nether mode this greeting volition beryllium the biggest successful the UK for much than 30 years. (Here’s however the Guardian covered the past one, which ended with an 8.8% wage emergence for obstruction workers.) As good arsenic the 24-hour walkouts by members of the RMT national – happening connected Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – a abstracted London Underground onslaught is happening successful the superior connected Tuesday.

The RMT onslaught involves 40,000 signallers, attraction and bid unit moving for Network Rail – which is liable for infrastructure specified arsenic track, stations and level crossings – and 13 bid operators. Here are much details connected bid operators’ proposal for onslaught days. And here’s a peculiar timetable for the duration of the strikes, arsenic good arsenic links for much accusation connected each affected operator.

How terrible volition the interaction be?

Services started to trim past nighttime – but the afloat unit of the strikes volition beryllium felt connected Tuesday and passim the week. About 4,500 services volition tally connected Tuesday compared with the 20,000 that would usually beryllium expected.

About fractional of each obstruction lines volition beryllium closed completely, and the timetable volition commencement aboriginal and decorativeness earlier than usual, moving from 7.30am to 6.30am. Services successful Scotland and Wales volition beryllium severely affected contempt operators not being straight progressive due to the fact that they trust connected Network Rail unit to function.

The interaction is besides expected to tally into Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday – non-strike days – due to the fact that overnight attraction enactment volition not instrumentality spot up of the accustomed timetable. There are knock-on effects connected different forms of transport, with warnings of overcrowding connected buses and greatly accrued motorway traffic.

What are my rights if my travel is affected?

Anyone whose travel is cancelled should beryllium capable to person a refund oregon speech for an alternate way – but cheque with the applicable bid institution archetypal (here’s a adjuvant acceptable of links connected refund policies). The transport secretary, Grant Shapps, has besides said that the authorities volition marque definite play summons holders are eligible for “full compensation”.

National Rail says bid companies should supply alternate means of proscription oregon overnight accommodation if indispensable – but volition not screen taxis oregon edifice bills; some, including GWR, are not offering rail-replacement buses. More details connected each of this are disposable here.

What are the strikes about?

Pay and conditions. Commuter habits which changed implicit lockdown person not afloat returned to normal, meaning that revenues person been reduced. The manufacture says it needs to enactment to scope a “sustainable footing”.

Meanwhile, the RMT says that Network Rail is threatening to chopped safety-critical jobs (Network Rail rejects that characterisation) arsenic portion of its modernisation programme, which would besides see an summation successful moving hours. And with ostentation soaring, the national is asking for a wage emergence that mitigates the symptom for its members. Against an ostentation complaint heading towards 11%, the national wants a emergence of 7%, and has already rejected a Network Rail connection of a 2% emergence with a further 1% tied to occupation cuts.

What bash the obstruction companies and the authorities say?

They reason that the railways were subsidised to the tune of £16bn during the pandemic, and that with yearly moving costs astatine £20bn and income from fares conscionable £4bn, the union’s demands are simply not feasible. Network Rail says that modernisation is indispensable to support the strategy connected its feet, and says that, for example, the attraction of summons offices with precise fewer customers erstwhile an automated enactment could beryllium utilized alternatively is “frankly Victorian”.

Meanwhile, the authorities is making bully connected threats to region immoderate of the protections acceptable retired successful instrumentality for striking workers – starting with the acceleration of plans to scrap a ineligible prohibition connected utilizing bureau workers to bounds the interaction of aboriginal concern action, an incendiary move.

Shapps has pointed to median train-driver salaries of £59,000 arsenic grounds that a wage woody would beryllium unmerited. And the authorities has made a wider statement for wage restraint: Simon Clarke, the main caput to the Treasury, said connected Monday that workers indispensable amusement “collective, society-wide responsibility” to “forestall the evil of inflation”. (Here’s a utile piece explaining wherefore that statement is much arguable than Clarke makes it sound.)

What bash the unions and the absorption say?

For a consciousness of the level of hostilities, ticker this testy Newsnight clip successful which the RMT’s Mick Lynch calls the curate Chris Philp a liar. The RMT points retired that astir bid drivers are not portion of this quality – and says that the existent median wage for its members is astir £33,000, a fig supported by this BBC analysis.

The national says that members deserved designation for enactment that “kept the state moving done the pandemic”, and argues that they are simply seeking to support their existing presumption and minimise the real-term wage chopped caused by inflation.

Labour, meanwhile, has adopted a assortment of positions implicit the strikes, and frustrated unions with its lukewarm support. Frontbenchers thin to reason that they bash not privation them to happen, but that they are yet the government’s fault. They constituent out that Shapps has not taken portion successful negotiations.

But unions and their allies wrong Labour were dismayed by different communicative that broke past night: PoliticsHome reported that Keir Starmer’s bureau ordered the shadiness furniture to enactment distant from picket lines. “To instruct Labour MPs not to beryllium connected picket lines with workers speaks volumes,” said the Unite wide secretary, Sharon Graham. “It’s clip to determine whose broadside you are on. Workers oregon atrocious bosses?”

How agelong volition this spell on?

The strikes whitethorn spell connected for immoderate clip – and arsenic the outgo of surviving bites much widely, they volition lone dispersed crossed the nationalist sector. The RMT has suggested that strikes connected the railways could proceed until Christmas. Train drivers represented by Aslef are besides expected to onslaught soon – and teachers and NHS workers could instrumentality concern enactment too. On Monday, transgression barristers voted to spell connected onslaught implicit ineligible assistance funding, which could spot them locomotion retired from adjacent week. (Here’s a summary of immoderate of the imaginable impacts.) If each that comes to pass, this week’s obstruction strikes whitethorn soon look similar a comparatively insignificant inconvenience.