UK’s Post-Brexit Border Measures ‘Not Sustainable’: Report

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The British authorities has been “largely successful” successful its handling of post-Brexit borderline issues with the EU, but it has relied connected impermanent measures that are “not sustainable,” the UK’s National Audit Office (NAO) said successful its latest report.

The much-feared agelong queues astatine the UK-EU borderline did not materialise astatine the extremity of the Brexit modulation play connected Jan. 1, 2021, arsenic the authorities “successfully introduced systems, infrastructure, and resources to let the trading of goods to continue,” said the report, which was published connected Nov. 5.

But the lack of agelong queues was “partially owed to postulation flows being reduced due to the fact that of stockpiling, traders’ wariness astir the caller import controls, and the interaction of the pandemic,” the NAO said.

The unit astatine the borderline was besides relieved by the information that the UK authorities has delayed 3 times the instauration of afloat import controls connected goods from the EU.

But the study noted that the existent exemplary of controls “cannot spell connected indefinitely,” arsenic much controls are owed to beryllium phased successful implicit the archetypal fractional of 2022.

The NAO warned that determination is inactive a “significant risk” that traders and hauliers volition not beryllium prepared for afloat import controls, which would trim the travel and availability of nutrient and different products to the UK.

On the Northern Ireland Protocol, the NAO said determination remains “considerable uncertainty” successful the “inherently challenging” situation. It urged the authorities to instrumentality immoderate woody reached with the EU connected changing the protocol quickly.

Gareth Davies, the caput of the NAO, said his organisation recognises the “significant achievement” successful the archetypal handling of the borderline issues astatine the extremity of the modulation period.

But helium said, “this was done successful portion by utilizing interim measures and by delaying the instauration of afloat import controls.”

“Much much enactment is needed to enactment successful spot a exemplary for the borderline that reduces the hazard of non-compliance with planetary trading rules, does not necessitate immoderate impermanent fixes, and is little analyzable and burdensome for borderline users,” helium said.

Trade with the EU has recovered somewhat aft falling 44 percent successful the archetypal 4th of 2021 but remains 13 percent beneath the level of the past 3 months of 2020.

The study said it was not imaginable to disentangle the interaction of Brexit from the interaction of the COVID-19 pandemic, but “reductions successful the UK’s commercialized with the EU are importantly greater than the UK’s commercialized with the remainder of the satellite implicit the aforesaid period.”

Dame Meg Hillier, seat of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, said: “Leaving the EU has meant businesses person had to grapple with much paperwork and further cost. Government indispensable assistance businesses accommodate to the caller rules and enactment successful spot borderline controls that enactment for all.”

PA contributed to this report.

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