UK Universities Minister Says Unsatisfied Students Should Apply for Refunds

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Undated record  photograph  of students astatine  a graduation ceremony. (PA)

Undated record photograph of students astatine a graduation ceremony. (PA)

The UK’s Universities Minister Michelle Donelan has encouraged students to use for refunds connected courses if they are unsatisfied.

Donelan said students should “absolutely” use for refunds, adding: “They are consumers, astatine the extremity of the day. They’re paying a important magnitude of wealth that’s an concern successful their ain lives. They merit that entreaty right.”

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Donelan said determination had been “tens of thousands” of refunds issued to students by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator during the pandemic.

She besides criticised precocious vice-chancellor salaries, “mickey mouse” courses, and universities that person not returned to face-to-face learning.

“I person had to truly accidental to vice-chancellors, you request to guarantee that you are delivering connected what you promised to students because, arsenic the premier curate outlined, we’ve got to larn to unrecorded with this microorganism now.

“We’ve got to get backmost to pre-pandemic life. Risk assessments can’t beryllium utilized arsenic an excuse not to big face-to-face teaching. Students person been starring the mode successful the [vaccination] stats.”

Donelan said she would not support immoderate vice-chancellor salaries, which she called “eye-watering and staggering,” and said drop-out rates for immoderate courses were arsenic precocious arsenic 40 percent.

“Universities effort to entice pupils to the beforehand doorway and accidental that’s societal mobility. Actually, that doesn’t assistance anybody,” she said.

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