Ukraine Applies for NATO Membership, Rules out Putin Talks

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy connected Friday announced that helium had applied for his state to articulation the NATO subject confederation nether what helium called “an accelerated procedure.”

Zelenskyy, his premier minister, and the talker of parliament signed the paperwork successful an online video aft Russian President Vladimir Putin proclaimed the annexation of 4 partially occupied Ukrainian regions arsenic Russian land. 

In the video, Zelenskyy, who wore combat fatigues, said Ukraine was taking a “decisive step” by applying for a fast-tracked accession to displacement the existent confederation from being “de facto” to “de jure,” oregon legally recognized.

“We are de facto allies. This has already been achieved. De facto, we person already completed our way to NATO. De facto, we person already proven interoperability with the alliance’s standards,” Zelenskyy said successful the video connected the Telegram app.

Zelenskyy said Ukraine is already demonstrating NATO’s standards for membership “on the battlefield and successful each aspects” of the country’s existent interactions with subordinate countries.

“We spot each other, we assistance each other, and we support each other. This is what the confederation is: de facto. Today, Ukraine is applying to marque it ‘de jure’ nether a process accordant with our value for the extortion of our full community, nether an accelerated procedure,” helium added.

It was not instantly wide what an “accelerated” exertion means, arsenic ascension to NATO requires the unanimous enactment of each members.

Ukraine’s admittance to the NATO confederation is thing Putin successful February demanded ne'er happen. Putin views NATO arsenic hostile to Russia’s interests.

Zelenskyy Rules Out Talks With Putin

Zelenskyy ruled retired talks with Putin saying that portion Kyiv remained committed to co-existing with Russia “on equal, honest, dignified, and just conditions,” it would request to beryllium nether a antithetic Russian president.

“Clearly, with this Russian president [that] is impossible. He does not cognize what dignity and honesty are. Therefore, we are acceptable for a dialog with Russia, but with different president of Russia,” Zelenskyy said.

In his video speech, Zelenskyy vowed to liberate each of Ukraine’s regions from Russia and said Putin is not conscionable an force of Ukraine but “of beingness itself, of humanity.”

“Russia knows this. Russia feels our power,” Zelenskyy said, adding Putin is “in a hurry” to state triumph successful the 4 Ukrainian regions due to the fact that helium sees that Ukraine is “proving the spot of our values.”

“It is staging this farce annexation. It is trying to bargain that which does not beryllium to it. It wants to kill, to torture, to blackmail, and prevarication successful bid to rewrite past and redraw borders. Ukraine volition not let this,” Zelenskyy said.

The Ukrainian president suggested NATO instrumentality up his projected Kyiv Security Compact portion the state waits for statement among NATO subordinate states implicit Ukraine’s admittance.

“We recognize that this requires the statement of each the alliance’s members … and therefore, portion this is happening, we suggest the realization of our proposals regarding information guarantees for Ukraine and each of Europe according to the Kyiv Security Compact,” helium said.

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