Ukraine president urges world not to give in to Russia’s ‘nuclear blackmail’ during Australian address

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Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has urged satellite leaders not to springiness successful to Russia’s “nuclear blackmail” and has appealed to Australia for assistance successful a captious UN ballot adjacent week.

Addressing the Sydney-based Lowy Institute by video nexus connected Thursday evening, Zelenskiy revealed Australia was offering dense arms to Ukraine successful its adjacent bundle of subject enactment to support against Russia’s invasion.

The UN wide assembly volition see a solution condemning Russia’s purported annexation of 4 partially occupied Ukrainian regions, but Russian officials are lobbying for a concealed ballot truthful countries don’t person to marque their positions public.

Zelenskiy asked Australian officials to articulation successful diplomatic efforts to guarantee adjacent week’s UN ballot was “as unanimous arsenic possible”.

“I’m asking Australia to usage each of its power to person arsenic galore countries arsenic imaginable not to stay neutral and to ballot for planetary instrumentality and against a Russian annexation,” helium said during the Lowy Institute event.

Zelenskiy called connected arsenic galore countries arsenic imaginable to articulation successful the “clear and straightforward condemnation” of the Kremlin, saying the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, would escalate further if the effect was “weak”.

Putin has threatened to usage each means astatine his disposal to support Russian territory and has said the 4 Ukrainian regions would beryllium portion of Russia “forever”.

Zelenskiy said connected Thursday: “So adjacent if helium would determine to motorboat a atomic strike, well, what tin I say? I deliberation the satellite volition ne'er forgive this.

“I deliberation helium intelligibly recognize that aft the usage of [nuclear] weapons, helium would beryllium incapable immoderate much to sphere – truthful to accidental – his beingness and I’m assured of that.”

Zelenskiy thanked Australia for its “very meaningful defence” assistance, saying the Bushmaster protected mobility vehicles had “performed masterfully”.

“There’s besides a important bundle that Australia has been preparing,” helium added.

“This process is ongoing arsenic we talk and I’m precise grateful for that. I don’t privation to spell into details connected what weapons, what’s wrong this package, but it’s not lone tiny arms but immoderate dense weapons arsenic well.”

He urged Australia to proceed to ratchet up sanctions against Russia, due to the fact that the unit run would beryllium astir effectual if “the aggressor does not person clip to circumvent those sanctions”.

Zelenskiy said Ukraine’s recapture of territory that Russia had claimed showed the Kremlin was not susceptible of holding its ground. “They tin termination but they cannot survive,” helium said.

Asked astir Ukraine’s bid to articulation Nato, announced past week, Zelenskiy said the confederation had to “demonstrate that they are not acrophobic of Russia”. But the timeline for joining Nato was unclear, and “unfortunately depends not lone connected Ukraine”, helium said.

Ukraine’s forces person been trying to beforehand successful the eastbound and southbound of the country, prompting a uncommon admittance from Putin that his troops were nether pressure.

Putin said earlier this week that Russia would “stabilise” the concern successful the 4 Ukrainian regions – Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia – it claimed arsenic its ain territory past week. Australia and different countries person refused to recognised the purported annexations.

Australia has gradually ramped up its assistance to Ukraine since February, archetypal nether the Morrison authorities and present nether the Albanese government, and ministers are present considering further expanding that assistance amid expectations of a “protracted” conflict.

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Australia’s $388m successful subject assistance to Ukraine


Australia’s $388m successful subject assistance to Ukraine

  • 60 x Bushmaster protected mobility vehicles
  • 6 x M777 155mm lightweight towed howitzers positive ammunition
  • 28 x M113AS4 armoured vehicles
  • Anti-armour weapons and different weapons
  • Soldier idiosyncratic combat equipment
  • Equipment (including unmanned aerial systems) sourced from Australian industry
  • De-mining instrumentality to assistance region explosive ordnance littering the battlefield

Australia’s $388m successful pledged subject assistance to Ukraine includes 60 Bushmaster vehicles, unmanned aerial systems, anti-armour weapons and instrumentality to region bombs littering the battlefield.

Both large parties successful Australia person said helping Ukraine respond to Russia’s “illegal, immoral” penetration is important for broader preservation of planetary stableness – including successful the Indo-Pacific, wherever China has not ruled retired taking Taiwan by force.

The defence minister, Richard Marles, said the Australian authorities was considering longer word enactment “to enactment Ukraine successful a presumption wherever yet this struggle tin beryllium resolved connected its terms”.

“The unprovoked aggression from Russia successful respect of Ukraine, is specified a flouting of the UN charter, of the planetary rules-based order, it indispensable not beryllium allowed to stand,” Marles said aft a gathering with his American and Japanese counterparts successful Hawaii past weekend.

So far, however, Australia has stopped abbreviated of expelling Russian diplomats – a determination officials fearfulness would trigger retaliatory expulsions of Australian diplomats successful Moscow.

Zelenskiy made a nonstop entreaty for Bushmaster vehicles erstwhile helium addressed the Australian parliament by video nexus successful precocious March – instrumentality that Canberra aboriginal agreed to supply.

Earlier this week, Ukraine’s defence ministry posted video of its forces utilizing an Australian-supplied Bushmaster to tow a Russian amphibious armoured unit carrier.