Union revives plan to switch off Opal card readers to offer Sydney train commuters free travel

2 weeks ago 58

A obstruction national program to deactivate the NSW transport network’s Opal paper readers could inactive hap contempt authorities claims the crippled to power disconnected the scanners could beryllium illegal.

An earlier program to unopen down the Opal paper readers by Wednesday was dropped by the Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) implicit the weekend, pursuing a authorities menace to motorboat tribunal action.

The RTBU had planned to permission presumption gates unfastened arsenic it did past month, but to besides deactivate the paper readers, preventing commuters tapping connected to wage for trips, arsenic portion of concern enactment reported to outgo the authorities much than $1 cardinal a day.

The national withdrew its archetypal exertion to unopen down the readers, aft the authorities appeared to place a responsibility successful its filing.

But a caller exertion to power disconnected the readers was filed connected Monday morning, which the national is assured volition basal up, RTBU caput Alex Claassens said.

“We went done a reasonably terrible process to marque definite that it was ineligible and supra board,” Claassens said, calling the government’s tactics “desperate”.

He said the NSW transport minister, David Elliott, was “ranting” past week erstwhile helium criticised the RTBU and claimed switching disconnected the readers could beryllium dangerous.

A determination implicit whether the Opal scanners tin beryllium unopen down volition beryllium made during a proceeding successful the Fair Work Commission (FWC) successful the adjacent 48 hours.

If the committee accepts the actions, the readers volition beryllium switched disconnected 10 days later.

The RTBU and the authorities met astatine the FWC connected Monday for a 2nd time of conciliation talks.

The 2 parties are locked successful a long-running stalemate implicit the information of a caller intercity bid fleet and wages and conditions for workers.

The authorities and the national request to find a mode backmost to the dialog table, NSW Labor person Chris Minns told media connected Monday.

“We privation to spot an statement betwixt the 2 parties, we don’t judge that the 2 sides are excessively acold apart,” Mr Minns said.

“It truly comes to a tiny disagreement connected 1 oregon 2 issues.”

As portion of its campaign, the national precocious took Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink to the FWC successful a bid to support negotiating a caller endeavor statement and changes to Korean-built trains that person been mothballed for years, with the national saying they are not harmless to operate.

The NSW premier, Dominic Perrottet, declared negotiations were implicit astatine the extremity of August and threatened to terminate the endeavor statement if determination was further concern action, aft weeks of national disruptions to bid services.

Elliott has been contacted for comment.