Unions holding government to ransom with talks demand, says Ben Wallace

1 month ago 17

Trade unions are seeking to clasp the authorities “to ransom” by demanding nonstop talks connected nationalist assemblage pay, Ben Wallace has argued successful a further evident ratcheting up of ministers’ hardline stance towards strikes.

Speaking astatine Manchester airport, wherever helium met subject unit covering for Border Force staff, the defence caput rejected a complaint from the new TUC wide secretary, Paul Nowak, that the authorities was sabotaging efforts to extremity the strikes.

Wallace rejected Nowak’s telephone for ministers to articulation talks, saying they could not override the recommendations of government-appointment wage reappraisal bodies, and that unions should alternatively speech to employers.

“We’re not going backmost to the 1970s wherever the commercialized national barons thought that they ran the government,” Wallace said. “They utilized to conscionable successful Downing Street and archer the Labour authorities of the time what they’re going to do. We’re not going to spell backmost to that. We’re not going to beryllium held to ransom.

“The commercialized unions tin negotiate, they tin negociate with their employers and effort and travel to a resolution. That’s the astir important thing. There’s nary magic wand present to travel up with wealth that the state doesn’t have.

“Ultimately we’re successful a presumption wherever we’re trying to perceive to the autarkic advice, done the autarkic wage bodies, connection a colony to the workforces and past effort and bring that to a resolution. But if the commercialized national enactment deliberation we’re each conscionable going to disregard these autarkic bodies to suit their docket past they’ll beryllium mistaken.”

In an interview with the Guardian, Nowak predicted that what helium called the government’s “war of attrition” against the unions would fail.

He said: “The authorities is going to person to instrumentality responsibility. The nationalist volition intelligibly place wherever the work lies. Maybe they’ll effort and brazen it retired until the outpouring and to the fund but I conscionable don’t deliberation our members are going to beryllium softly waiting for that to come. I don’t deliberation promises of jam time volition chopped it with people.”

He contrasted authorities calls for below-inflation wage rises with increases successful different areas specified arsenic institution dividends and City bonuses.

“If you’re successful the nationalist services feeling hard-pressed it feels similar the lone solution being enactment guardant by authorities is that you’re expected to amusement a small spot of wage restraint. You’re the 1 expected to suffer. It doesn’t consciousness similar this is simply a load reasonably shared crossed the country,” Nowak said.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Nowak said the scope fixed to the notionally autarkic wage reappraisal bodies by authorities was excessively limited.

“The wage reappraisal assemblage process itself is successful information of being brought into disrepute due to the fact that the authorities is hiding down the wage reappraisal bodies, refusing to negociate connected wage and refusing to scope a tenable colony with our nationalist assemblage unions,” helium said.