Unjustified Mandatory Vaccinations: Australians Freer Under Colonial Rule

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The Western Australian (WA) authorities nether Premier Mark McGowan is imposing mandatory vaccinations connected astir 75 percent of the state’s workforce, enforceable with monolithic fines of up to $100,000 for employers and $20,000 for workers.

This, successful a democracy, is to beryllium affected by specified directions nether the Public Health Act, astir of which are yet to beryllium made.

They volition not beryllium submitted to the enforcement assembly wherever the politician would usually request to beryllium assured that helium has the ineligible powerfulness to marque them. Nor volition determination beryllium immoderate request for the orders to beryllium tabled successful Parliament, with either location being capable to disallow them.

Yet specified safeguards were erstwhile required crossed Australia, adjacent successful assemblage times.

Instead, practices emblematic of a dictatorship person go normal.

At slightest the supporting proposal from the WA’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Andrew Robertson has been published. This has been uncommon successful astir jurisdictions wherever wellness advice, including that supplied to the National Cabinet, has been treated arsenic if it were a authorities secret.

In his advice, Robinson does concede the hazard of vaccination, but says these outweighed the benefits.

Unfortunately, helium does not explicate this, nor does helium sermon the information that the vaccinated tin some beryllium infected and infect others.

In the quest for protecting the vulnerable, the amended extortion would surely beryllium done investigating which is becoming cheaper and much accessible.

Testing could besides amusement those who person been infected and person recovered. According to immoderate experts, they could person a greater immunity than those vaccinated.

Epoch Times Photo West Australian Premier Mark McGowan addresses the media astatine the Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic astatine Claremont Showgrounds connected May 03, 2021 successful Perth, Australia. (Paul Kane/Getty Images)

We bash not cognize capable astir the Wuhan microorganism to beryllium excessively definite astir imposing specified a beardown argumentation for vaccination, peculiarly erstwhile this whitethorn beryllium to beryllium arsenic unjustified arsenic galore of the lockdown measures person shown to be.

It is established that immoderate people, including the young, person experienced perchance superior bosom conditions, myocarditis, and pericarditis, aft being receiving the vaccination.

With speech of boosters, the request for vaccine passports could enactment Australians nether life-long governmental control, with the warnings of immoderate experts against the effects of excessive vaccination being ignored.

Many Australians are adjacent asking wherefore they should not proceed to bask their long-believed right, supported by precise wide words from Prime Minister Scott Morrison, that they are entitled to marque the last determination arsenic to whether they should beryllium vaccinated.

It is astonishing then, that helium and the national authorities person not rushed to enactment national MP Craig Kelly’s bid to walk a “No Domestic COVID-19 Vaccine Passports Bill,” which would purpose to support the “right of Australians to marque their ain wellness decisions successful narration to COVID vaccination.”

Were specified national authorities challenged by WA, the national authorities could reason persuasively that it was made nether national powerfulness to legislate with respect to aesculapian services and that this would people prevail constitutionally implicit immoderate conflicting authorities law.

WA could argue, overmuch little convincingly, that the national powerfulness specifically excludes “civil conscription” and truthful does not widen to mandatory vaccinations which is frankincense a purely authorities matter.

Without specified national legislation, immoderate ineligible statement that mandatory injections are invalid arsenic a breach of cardinal rights could pull a akin rejection to that precocious handed down by the Justice Robert Beech-Jones successful the New South Wales (NSW) Supreme Court.

It is improbable that the contiguous High Court would overrule this, immoderate decisions were made successful the NSW Court of Appeal. And each this would instrumentality a agelong clip to resolve.

That is wherefore the national authorities should present get down Kelly’s Bill.

Epoch Times Photo Independent MP Craig Kelly speaking astatine the Worldwide Rally for Freedom, Peace, and Human Rights in protestation against COVID-19 vaccine passports successful Sydney, Australia connected May 17, 2021. (The Epoch Times)

In what critics would accidental was artificially legalistic, Justice Beech-Jones said that “so acold arsenic the close to bodily integrity is concerned, it is not violated, arsenic the impugned orders bash not authorise the involuntary vaccination of anyone.”

It was conceded that the orders curtail “freedom of movement, which successful crook affects a person’s quality to enactment and socialise.” But these helium ruled, were restrictions which the NSW Public Health Act intelligibly authorises.

If the national authorities does not enactment Kelly’s Bill, the amended ineligible lawsuit would beryllium to situation the directions arsenic an workout of misfeasance successful nationalist office, a small known actionable civilian wrong.

There is simply a beardown precedent for this successful Justice Steven Rares’s 2020 Federal Court of Australia judgement against the authorities successful “Brett Cattle Company Pty Ltd v Minister for Agriculture,” concerning the Gillard government’s unrecorded cattle ban.

The government, nether beardown National Party pressure, decided not to entreaty his decision, nary uncertainty due to the fact that this would person been highly unpopular successful agrarian circles.

A almighty decision, arsenic it mightiness not person withstood appeals to the Full Federal Court and the High Court.

This is due to the fact that courts person usually taken the presumption that successful challenges to subordinate authorities made by the executive, specified arsenic the WA directions, they should beryllium deferential to the executive.

What would beryllium the champion statement to promote courts to taxable mandatory vaccination to the aforesaid tests applied by Justice Rares? These were the tests of reasonableness and proportionality successful narration to the interaction of the unrecorded cattle prohibition authorities connected the communal instrumentality rights of mean Australians.

That statement could good person grounding, astatine slightest erstwhile it comes to the CCP virus, the mean checks and balances person not been applied.

Epoch Times Photo Demonstrators march done the streets to protestation lockdowns successful Melbourne, Australia, connected Sept. 18, 2021. (William West/AFP via Getty Images)

Indeed, the information that these checks and balances person been gradually whittled distant implicit the years volition not flight the judges.

The radical volition beryllium looking to the judges for justness arsenic a past resort. For the strategy to clasp and to bask the enactment of the people, the judges should not neglect them.

Mandatory vaccinations are unjustifiable and whitethorn good beryllium the borderline for the attraction of authoritarian regularisation by the politicians without immoderate of the accustomed safeguards.

The immortal words of the large Lord John Acton echo down the ages: “Power tends to corrupt, and implicit powerfulness corrupts absolutely.”

What is genuinely bonzer is that Australians contiguous are little escaped than they were nether British assemblage rule.

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David Flint


David Flint is an emeritus prof of law, known for his enactment of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy and for his tenure arsenic caput of the Australian Broadcasting Authority. He is besides a erstwhile president of the Australian Press Council and the World Association of Press Councils.