Unvaccinated Tennis Players to Be Allowed to Compete in Australian Open

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Tennis players who are not vaccinated volition beryllium allowed to vie successful the Australian Open arsenic agelong arsenic they acquisition quarantine and trial antagonistic to COVID-19 earlier departure, according to a leaked email.

In an email sent to the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) that was obtained by Tennis writer Ben Rothenberg, Tennis Australia confirmed determination were inactive provisions for unvaccinated players to travel to Australia—clearing up caller speculation that tennis players would beryllium unwelcome astatine the Australian Open.

“We inquire that everyone delight support this accusation confidential until the authorities makes an authoritative announcement,” the leaked email read.

“We consciousness the request to scope retired to you each to wide up mendacious and misleading accusation that has precocious been dispersed by different parties astir the conditions that players volition beryllium forced to endure astatine adjacent year’s Australian Open.”

This comes arsenic Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and national Immigration Minister Immigration Minister Alex Hawke said past week that Australia’s borders would not beryllium unfastened to unvaccinated people.

“Our wellness proposal is that erstwhile we unfastened the borders, everyone that comes to Australia volition person to beryllium treble vaccinated,” Hawke told ABC vigor connected Oct. 20. “That’s a cosmopolitan application, not conscionable to tennis players.”

However, Victorian Sports Minister Martin Pakula said vaccination requirements for tennis players were not settled yet.

“[W]e are inactive talking to the Commonwealth astir whether the regularisation for planetary unvaccinated arrivals is either 14 days quarantine, oregon they are not coming into the state astatine all. We don’t expect that to beryllium settled for different mates of weeks,” Pakula told 3AW connected Oct. 25.

“We are inactive resolving with Tennis Australia and the Commonwealth the question of whether unvaccinated overseas nationals volition beryllium allowed into Australia astatine each and, if so, nether what circumstances.

“In the end, it’s a national determination astir who gets into the state and the circumstances successful which they get in. We are inactive having that speech with them. And we’re evidently talking to Tennis Australia, who is besides talking to the Commonwealth.”

Nine-time champion and men’s fig 1 tennis subordinate Novak Djokovic said connected Oct. 18 that helium would not uncover whether helium had been vaccinated oregon not.

“It is simply a backstage substance and an inappropriate inquiry,” Djokovic told the online variation of Serbian regular Blic. “People spell excessively acold these days successful taking the liberty to inquire questions and justice a person.”

“I americium pursuing the concern regarding the Australian Open, and I recognize the last determination (on COVID-19 related restrictions) volition beryllium made successful 2 weeks.”

Women’s fig 1 subordinate Ash Barty weighed successful connected the substance and said that determination was nary request for her “tell everyone” astir her vaccination status.

“[A]t the extremity of the day, it’s portion of your aesculapian history. You recognize radical marque decisions for antithetic reasons, and you person to respect that,” Barty told the Courier Mail.

“From my constituent of view, it’s idiosyncratic to me. I had my vaccine successful April. I was acceptable and healthy, and I was doing it for the radical astir maine to marque definite we were safe.”

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said connected Oct. 19 that unvaccinated athletes would not beryllium capable to participate the state.

This comes arsenic the authorities emerges from the world’s astir prolonged lockdown, with large concern reopening connected Oct. 29 erstwhile the authorities afloat vaccinated complaint reaches 80 percent.

“[The virus] doesn’t attraction what your tennis ranking is oregon however galore Grand Slams you’ve won. It’s wholly irrelevant,” Andrews told reporters.

“If they did get a visa, they’d astir apt person to quarantine for a mates of weeks erstwhile nary different players volition person to.”

Tennis Australia is expected to supply further remark aboriginal connected Oct. 25.

AAP contributed to this report.

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