‘Up In The Blue Seats’ Podcast Episode 107: Gerard Gallant Sends a Message With Alexis Lafreniere Demotion

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Alexis LafreniereAlexis LafreniereNYPost composite; Getty Images

Alexis Lafreniere has been scratched for Thursday’s crippled against the Lightning.

Lafreniere’s demotion successful signifier Wednesday to the 4th enactment was the large taxable of speech connected this week’s “Up In The Blue Seats” podcast with Mollie Walker, Larry Brooks and me. We recorded the amusement connected Wednesday earlier the scratch was announced Thursday, but it seemed that this was a anticipation aft seeing the changes made successful Wednesday’s aggravated signifier pursuing a brutal showing astatine MSG Tuesday successful a 4-0 nonaccomplishment to the Capitals.

Is the the close move? Tune successful beneath to find out.

Up In The Blue Seats Podcast with Jake Brown & Mollie Walker:

  • TUESDAY’S DUD VS. CAPS: Rangers were a no-show connected Tuesday night. The officiating was terrible, but the Rangers could not people a goal.
  • GALLANT’S CHANGES: Wednesday was a hard-nosed signifier and manager Gallant made immoderate lineup changes. He had the players moving gassers.
  • RANGERS-ISLANDERS: Somehow determination volition beryllium nary much Rangers-Islanders games this play aft Thursday’s finale, which was precise entertaining. The NHL needs to beryllium amended and dispersed these games retired passim the season. Igor Shesterkin had a fewer of the Islanders astatine his spot for Christmas.

Larry Brooks Interview:
NY Post Rangers bushed writer

  • LINEUP CHANGES: Gallant’s lineup changes are successful the realm of sensibility. Alain Vigneault and John Tortorella utilized to alteration lineups adjacent more.
  • GALLANT: Taking him a agelong clip to benignant retired which lineups enactment and which ones don’t. Difficult for them to play accordant hockey without having accordant combinations. If they played good Tuesday, determination would not person been changes.
  • LAFRENIERE DEMOTION: Was this the close move? How disappointing has his improvement been? He has not made capable of an impression. It seems similar helium is an mean skater. His instincts look to beryllium a spot off. He is simply a large concern arsenic the archetypal wide pick. Not acceptable to statement him a bust yet.



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