Up to 27,000 Federal Employees yet to Declare COVID Vaccination Status as Deadline Passes

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As galore arsenic 27,000 nationalist servants look to person not yet declared their vaccination presumption to the national authorities by the Oct. 29 deadline, leaving themselves astatine hazard of being suspended from work.

The national vaccine mandate applies to implicit 267,000 national employees from the “core nationalist administration” including the RCMP, Canada Border Services Agency, and galore different national services. 

The federal government’s website states that 240,000 of these employees submitted their vaccination attestation by Oct. 27. In an emailed statement to The Epoch Times, the Treasury Board Secretariat said that an update connected these numbers volition beryllium disposable connected Nov. 3. 

The federal vaccine mandate was announced connected Oct. 6. During a associated property league with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said national employees person until Oct. 29 to supply their vaccination presumption to their managers.

“Members of the nationalist work who are not afloat vaccinated oregon bash not disclose their vaccination presumption by Oct. 29, volition beryllium placed connected administrative permission without wage arsenic aboriginal arsenic Nov. 15,” Freeland said during the media event.

According to the policy, those national employees who person already received their archetypal changeable by Nov. 15 person different 10 weeks to get their 2nd changeable earlier they are placed connected unpaid leave. Exemptions to the mandate are constricted to spiritual grounds, certified aesculapian contraindications, oregon immoderate favoritism defined nether the Canadian Human Rights Act. 

When announcing a akin vaccine mandate for home aerial and obstruction question astatine the Oct. 6 property conference, Trudeau said exemptions volition lone beryllium granted successful “a fewer highly constrictive exceptions, similar a valid aesculapian condition.” 

Trudeau added that immoderate employees who effort to falsify their vaccination attestation volition look “severe consequences.” 

“The attestation for the nationalist work is the archetypal step. There volition beryllium terrible consequences for anyone who is recovered to person been misrepresenting themselves.”

Members of Parliament and House of Commons staff are besides required to beryllium vaccinated erstwhile the caller parliamentary league resumes connected Nov. 22 with exemptions lone offered to those with valid aesculapian reasons. On Oct. 19, the governing committee of the House of Commons, the Board of Internal Economy (BOIE), banned MPs, unit and anyone who isn’t afloat vaccinated from entering Parliamentary precincts. 

Senators find themselves successful a akin situation. On Nov. 1, the Senate’s interior system committee announced that each senators, staff, journalists, and visitors indispensable beryllium vaccinated erstwhile the Senate returns. 

Isaac Teo


Isaac Teo is an Epoch Times newsman based successful Toronto.

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