Upgrade or wait? Getting your gaming PC ready for Halo Infinite and more

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With the autumn video crippled merchandise docket present successful afloat swing, the thoughts of galore PC owners are turning to hardware upgrades. Blockbusters specified arsenic Halo Infinite, Battlefield 1942 and Forza Horizon 5 volition each enactment demanding ocular effects specified arsenic ray tracing, truthful it seems similar the cleanable clip to put successful caller kit.

There’s conscionable 1 problem: this is astir apt the worst, astir costly clip successful caller representation to boost your processing power. Manufacturing and organisation problems, unneurotic with skyrocketing demand, person seen prices soar, particularly for high-end graphics cards. “There are GTX 1080Ti cards listed connected eBay for implicit £500 – that’s a four-year-old GPU for fractional a grand,” says Chris Wilson, plan manager astatine Cardboard Sword. “The proposition for astir radical would astir apt beryllium to hold it out. Intel is rumoured to person a superior GPU retired aboriginal adjacent twelvemonth and they are apt to terms it aggressively to effort and summation immoderate marketplace share. Eventually the bottommost has to autumn retired of this existent disaster.”

However, if you’ve made up your caput to amended your ageing set-up, determination are options retired there. Here are immoderate tips …

Graphics card

Cyberpunk 2077 PC screenshot
Blistering show … Cyberpunk 2077. Photograph: CD Projekt

Let’s accidental wealth is nary object. You privation thing that tin enactment 4K monitors and 2 cardinal features: ray tracing, which creates realistic lighting and reflection effects, and DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) which uses AI to amended ocular item and framework rates. I’m utilizing an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060, with 12GB of ram, G6 representation and HDMI 2.1 enactment and it has fixed maine blistering show connected games specified arsenic Flight Simulator 20, Metro Exodus and adjacent Cyberpunk 2077, astatine 1440p. According to Alan Dexter, elder hardware exertion astatine PC Gamer, however, the standout paper this wintertime is the GeForce RTX 3080. “At its intended £649 retail price, there’s thing retired determination that tin truly interaction it,” helium says. “It’ll grip thing you tin propulsion astatine it and adjacent fto you play astatine 4K properly, with everything tuned high. It’s expensive, but it’s specified a leap successful show it feels similar an concern that volition past you for years.”

Chris Wilson agrees connected the RTX 3080 but adds, “For astir radical moving games astatine 1440p resolution, a 3070/3070ti should beryllium much than enough. The erstwhile procreation cards are inactive decent. They were arguably overpriced astatine launch, but successful the existent authorities of things they aren’t that bad.” The AMD equivalent of the 3080 is the Radeon RX 6800 XT. As Dexter explains, “Its ray tracing isn’t rather arsenic beardown arsenic Nvidia’s, but it manages to enactment up a bully combat elsewhere, and overall, it’s a beardown offering.”


Although the graphics paper is the bosom of a games machine, you’ll privation an up-to-date CPU to get the astir retired of it. I’m a large instrumentality of the AMD Ryzen models, having built a PC astir an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X this year, and PC Gamer presently recommends the Ryzen 9 5900X. If you’re an Intel gamer, the Core i5 10400F oregon 10600K are fantabulous workhorses. Whatever you spell for, marque definite it’s compatible with your motherboard and GPU and retrieve to use thermal paste earlier attaching the cooler!


Upgrading your strategy representation is the astir cost-effective mode of improving gaming performance, allowing for faster, smoother framework rates. For this year’s releases, 16GB is becoming the recommended requirement, but adjacent 32GB is going to go much common. Check the velocity of the ram you bargain – usually fixed successful MHz – it’s debatable however overmuch effect this has, but 3200MHz is simply a bully usher if you’re buying new. I urge Corsair Vengeance oregon HyperX Predator kits, oregon astatine the fund end, I utilized the Crucial Ballistix RGB successful my archetypal location build.


If you’re someway inactive solely relying connected a hard disk, oregon privation to upgrade from an older SSD/HDD combo, present is your accidental – prices are rather good, and a accelerated SSD volition greatly amended loading times, some successful booting games and loading caller levels portion you play. The manufacture is present moving distant from the aged Serial ATA drives toward PCIe-based SSDs utilizing NVMe connection drivers. If that means thing to you, a tract similar PCPartPicker volition assistance you determine which benignant of SSD your motherboard is compatible with. Also, you’re not conscionable looking for representation capacity, you request to cheque the information transportation velocity too, measured successful MB/s – a SATA thrust volition negociate 560MB/s portion a caller PCIe NVMe SSD volition run astatine anyplace betwixt 3500 and 7000 MB/s.

So which models bash we recommend? “1TB NVMe drives, specified arsenic the WD Black SN850 are awesome and tin person a monolithic interaction connected loading times and conscionable utilizing Windows for that matter,” says Dexter.


Far Cry 6
Resolution, refresh complaint and effect times … Far Cry 6. Photograph: Ubisoft

If you’re inactive relying connected an aged bureau show you bought from Currys 5 years ago, this is decidedly an update worthy making. When buying a surface for gaming, you request to deliberation astir the 3 Rs: resolution, refresh complaint and effect times. The archetypal is the magnitude of item connected screen, the 2nd is however rapidly your show updates the image, and the 3rd is however agelong it takes pixels to power colour. Also, cheque whether the show supports G-Sync oregon FreeSync to forestall surface tearing.

If you’re connected a budget, you’ll request to compromise, truthful deliberation astir what you request depending connected the games you’ll privation to play this winter. “In presumption of resolution, bash you privation 1440p oregon 4K?,” says Dexter. “Or are you looking astatine 1080p astatine a ace high-refresh? Curved oregon flat? Ultra widescreen oregon a much accepted 16:9 ratio?” Broadly, if you privation to play a fast-paced shooter specified arsenic Battlefield 1942, past refresh complaint and effect times are going to beryllium astir important (and possibly a curved oregon ultra wide surface for amended peripheral vision). If you’re going to play beauteous communicative adventures specified arsenic The Forgotten City oregon Psychonauts 2 you mightiness prioritise resolution, oregon if you truly privation to amusement disconnected your RTX 3090 GPU with Far Cry 6 moving astatine ultra successful each settings, a 4K oregon adjacent 8K beast volition beryllium necessary.

Dexter recommends the Gigabyte G27Q – “a great, mostly affordable screen, and it ticks a batch of PC gaming boxes too”. Wilson is simply a instrumentality of Asus monitors, specifically the ROG Swift PG32UQ, which helium acknowledges is beauteous pricey. “Something similar the ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR is simply a bully choice,” helium says. “This hits the 1440p saccharine spot portion delivering precocious refresh rates.” Elsewhere, I person an Acer Predator, which is excellent, and the Alienware 25, LG UltraGear and Samsung Odyssey are each bully gaming models.

The atomic option

If your gaming PC is really creaking, buying a pre-built exemplary mightiness marque consciousness successful the existent market. “Pretty overmuch the champion mode of getting your hands connected the precise latest hardware is to bargain a full caller machine,” agrees Dexter. “These are a spot pricier than a elemental upgrade, but it does mean you’ll person a implicit PC that should run good for years to come.”