US Captives in Haiti Were Helping Rebuild Quake-Damaged Homes

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The enactment of U.S. and Canadian missionaries kidnapped successful Haiti implicit the play included helping rebuild homes pursuing an August earthquake connected the island, according to their Ohio-based enactment that has assistance projects each implicit the world.

Christian Aid Ministries (CAM) said successful a connection Tuesday that the 17 captives—among them, 5 children, 1 conscionable 8 months old—had been visiting an orphanage the enactment supports erstwhile they were kidnapped Saturday extracurricular the superior Port-au-Prince.

CAM added the missionary’s enactment successful Haiti included distributing Bibles and Christian literature, feeding the elderly, and getting medicine to clinics.

“Their heartfelt tendency is to stock the emotion of Jesus,” CAM said. “In caller months, they were actively progressive successful coordinating a rebuilding task for those who mislaid their homes successful the August 2021 earthquake.”

The pack that kidnapped the radical is asking for $17 million—or $1 cardinal each—to merchandise them, Haitian Justice Minister Liszt Quitel told Reuters.

According to its astir caller yearly report, CAM’s 2020 gross was much than $132 million, astir from currency and in-kind donations. An audited fiscal connection that is portion of the yearly study shows CAM spent astir each its gross connected assistance programs specified arsenic supporting schoolhouse children successful Haiti and feeding families successful Nicaragua.

CAM ran operations successful much than 130 countries and territories successful 2020, according to the yearly report, providing food, clothes, medicine, and different services to implicit 14 cardinal people.

The enactment founded successful 1981 “strives to beryllium a trustworthy and businesslike transmission for Amish, Mennonite, and different blimpish Anabaptist groups and individuals to curate to carnal and spiritual needs astir the world,” according to CAM’s website.

Anabaptism is simply a Christian question dating backmost to 16th period Europe centered astir a literal mentation of Jesus’ teachings and big baptism.

In Haiti, wherever CAM has worked for respective years, it runs a aesculapian session arsenic good arsenic projects providing Haitians with work, according to its website. Another programme provides textbooks and different schoolhouse supplies and meals to much than 9,000 students astatine 52 schools successful Haiti, according to the yearly study which states that “a donation of $65 per period enables 5 students to spell to school.”

In 2019, it emerged that an worker for the Christian radical had molested children portion moving for the enactment successful Haiti, and that CAM managers had known for years.

“The fallout from the Haiti maltreatment lawsuit continues to measurement connected us,” CAM General Director David Troyer wrote successful the yearly report.

By Maria Caspani