US conservation group to drop Audubon name over ‘pain’ caused by slaveholder

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A starring US conservation group, the Audubon Naturalist Society (ANS), has announced it volition alteration its name, owed to the “pain” caused by the 19th-century ornithologist and slaveholder John James Audubon.

The group, which holds wildlife sanctuaries crossed Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland, said that it had go wide its sanction did not link to its divers acceptable of programmes and that immoderate members and volunteers had objected.

“The ngo and imaginativeness of the organisation person not changed,” said Lisa Alexander, enforcement manager of ANS.

“The deliberate and thoughtful determination to alteration our sanction is portion of our ongoing committedness to creating a larger and much divers assemblage of radical who treasure the earthy satellite and enactment to sphere it. It has go wide that this volition ne'er beryllium afloat imaginable with the existent name.”

Originally called the Audubon Society of the District of Columbia, ANS was acceptable up successful 1897 arsenic portion of a question of specified groups seeking to support vertebrate taxon past nether menace from hunters.

Audubon achieved lasting fame for his elaborate studies and illustrations of American birds, made successful the aboriginal 19th century.

More recently, helium has travel nether scrutiny for his buying and selling of enslaved radical successful the 1820s; for his objections to the abolitionist movement; and for writings that portrayed achromatic and indigenous radical arsenic inferior to whites.

Audubon, who was calved successful modern-day Haiti but moved to the US earlier dying successful New York successful 1851, took 5 quality skulls from a battlefield successful Texas and sent them to Samuel Morton, a doc who attempted to find differences that helium claimed showed varying quality levels betwixt races.

“We tin and indispensable bash amended to code equity and radical justness successful everything we do,” said Diane Wood, incoming committee president of ANS. “We are profoundly invested successful breaking down barriers and acknowledging our portion successful an exclusionary past.”

ANS said a caller sanction volition beryllium chosen pursuing a “deliberate and thoughtful process of listening and learning” with its members and different quality enthusiasts.

The National Audubon Society, the largest radical to inactive clasp Audubon’s name, has acknowledged his actions but has not committed to changing its title.