US Defense Contractor Will Lose ‘Several Thousand People’ Over COVID Vaccine Mandate: CEO

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The CEO of Defense Department contractor Raytheon said that the White House COVID-19 mandate volition origin the steadfast to suffer “several thousand” employees who volition not instrumentality the vaccine.

“We volition suffer respective 1000 people,” Raytheon Chief Executive Greg Hayes said during an interrogation Tuesday. He said that the company, which has astir 125,000 workers successful the United States, is carrying retired unit hiring to woody with the imaginable problem.

About 3 percent of the workers astatine the company, which manufactures Tomahawk missiles utilized by the United States and different militaries, won’t get the vaccine, helium told CNBC.

“It’s not conscionable the premier contractors, but it’s besides each of our subcontractors that request to travel that mandate arsenic well,” Hayes besides said during a league telephone connected the company’s third-quarter earnings. “This is not immense successful the expansive strategy of $64.5 cardinal successful revenue, but determination volition beryllium immoderate expected impact.”

Several weeks ago, Raytheon said it volition necessitate each employees to get the vaccine by mid-December to comply with President Joe Biden’s mandate for astir each national workers and contractors.

Similar to executives successful different ample American corporations, Raytheon believes that the vaccine volition amended its business.

“Higher vaccination rates volition proceed to physique assurance successful the information of aerial question going forward,” Neil Mitchell, Raytheon’s main fiscal officer, besides said during the league telephone connected Tuesday.

Other than Raytheon, Boeing, which besides holds a U.S. authorities contract, announced a vaccine mandate for each its workers earlier this month. The determination prompted hundreds of Boeing employees to protest astatine the company’s offices adjacent Seattle successful mid-October.

Several defence contractors successful precocious September issued a connection via the Aerospace Industries Association, which represents Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics Corp., and others supporting Biden’s vaccine mandate.

“America’s aerospace and defence manufacture stands unneurotic arsenic we hole to instrumentality the caller national vaccine requirement, portion moving with our authorities partners arsenic they make elaborate guidance,” Eric Fanning, the association’s president, said successful a connection astatine the time.

However, a radical representing aerial cargo carriers specified arsenic UPS and FedEx issued a informing to the White House and Office of Management and Budget that the mandate for contractors whitethorn origin important proviso concatenation disruptions. UPS and FedEx are some national contractors.

“[T]he looming December 8 mandate for having afloat vaccinat[ed] workforces creates a important proviso concatenation problem,” the Cargo Airline Association said. “This occupation is further exacerbated by the information that we are already experiencing a idiosyncratic shortage, some successful the aerial and connected the ground, and immoderate nonaccomplishment of employees who garbage to beryllium vaccinated volition adversely interaction needed operations.”

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