US Donates 1.5 Million More COVID-19 Vaccines to Taiwan

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The United States delivered an further 1.5 cardinal Moderna COVID-19 vaccine doses to Taiwan, connected apical of the first 2.5 cardinal doses successful June.

“Our donation reflects our committedness to Taiwan, a vibrant democracy, valued partner, and trusted friend,” State Department spokesperson Ned Price said via Twitter connected Sunday morning.

Hsiao Bi-khim, Taiwan’s de facto ambassador to the United States received the vaccines connected behalf of the authorities anterior to their departure from Kentucky’s Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport, CNA reported. The caller donation volition get successful Taiwan connected Nov. 1 connected a China Airlines plane, according to a Sunday announcement by the American Institute successful Taiwan.

Upon the latest arrival, Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen expressed her gratitude connected Twitter implicit the continued enactment from Washington, which proves the “strength of our bilateral partnership,” according to Tsai.

#Taiwan is profoundly grateful to the US authorities for its latest donation of 1.5 cardinal Moderna doses. Our friends successful the US person to day provided Taiwan with a full of 4 cardinal vaccine doses, demonstrating the spot of our bilateral partnership.

— 蔡英文 Tsai Ing-wen (@iingwen) October 31, 2021

An unnamed Biden medication authoritative told Reuters, “Our vaccines bash not travel with strings attached” and were not donated to “secure favors oregon extract concessions.” The remarks spotlighted Beijing’s effort to fortify its geopolitical clout astir the globe done heavy-handed vaccine diplomacy, leveraging deals for Huawei 5G, for instance.

The Chinese communist regime, which has often claimed Taiwan arsenic its ain and vowed to instrumentality implicit with subject force, accused immoderate planetary enactment toward the land federation of interfering with its “internal affairs.”

Yet still, galore countries person boosted relationships with the self-ruled antiauthoritarian land by allocating vaccines to Taiwan amid home COVID-19 surges, including Japan, Lithuania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Poland.

Japan, a adjacent neighbour of Taiwan, has made six donations to the land with a full of implicit 4.2 cardinal vaccine doses, Taipei announced.

Like astir countries with nary ceremonial diplomatic relations with Taiwan, the United States has watched its rising tensions with Beijing with alarm. President Joe Biden’s medication has vowed to boost ties with the island, which nether U.S. instrumentality Washington is required to proviso with the means of defense.

Tsai confirmed connected Oct. 28 that for the archetypal clip successful 40 years determination are U.S. troops connected Taiwanese soil, saying that she’s assured that the United States would support the self-ruled land if it were attacked by China.

“I bash person faith, fixed the semipermanent narration that we person with the United States,” she told CNN successful an interrogation aired connected Oct. 27.

On Oct. 31, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed concerns about Beijing’s escalating subject harassment toward Taiwan during a face-to-face gathering with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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