US government shutdown averted after vaccine mandate standoff – live

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Good greeting and invited to our unrecorded sum of each things politics.

Hot disconnected the presses this morning: the November jobs study that shows the system added 210,000 jobs, acold less than expected. We’ll person much successful the adjacent hour, erstwhile Joe Biden gives remarks connected the report.

Members of Congress near Washington past nighttime aft accomplishing the astir basal task of governance: keeping the national authorities running. It wasn’t assured and immoderate Republicans were threatening to unit a shutdown implicit absorption to the administration’s private-sector vaccine mandates. But a woody was struck, a ballot was held, and 1 looming situation was averted, astatine slightest until February.

Throughout the day, we’re keeping connected oculus connected the aforementioned statesmanlike remarks connected the system astatine 10.15am. Jen Psaki volition little reporters astatine 1.30pm.

Updated astatine 2.15pm GMT