US Seeks 6 Years in Prison for College Admissions Fraud Mastermind

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BOSTON—Federal prosecutors connected Wednesday asked a justice to condemnation the mastermind of the largest U.S. college admissions fraud strategy ever uncovered to six years successful situation aft helium helped them unafraid the convictions of dozens of affluent parents including Hollywood celebrities.

Prosecutors made the proposal a week earlier William “Rick” Singer, the assemblage admissions advisor astatine the halfway of the “Operation Varsity Blues” investigation, goes earlier a justice for sentencing aft pleading blameworthy successful 2019.

Singer admitted to facilitating cheating connected assemblage entranceway exams and funneling wealth from affluent parents helium counted arsenic clients to corrupt coaches and athletics officials to unafraid the admittance of their children arsenic fake diversion recruits.

His ain lawyers recommended that Singer person conscionable 12 months of location confinement, oregon if incarceration is deemed necessary, six months successful prison, saying his determination to cooperate was cardinal to helping prosecutors physique galore of the cases they brought.

But prosecutors told U.S. District Judge Rya Zobel, successful Boston, that portion Singer’s “unprecedented” practice deserved credit, his crimes warranted the longest condemnation of immoderate “Varsity Blues” defendant.

His expected sentencing connected Jan. 4 volition headdress an probe that has resulted successful the condemnation of much than 50 people, including actors Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, 2 of the galore affluent parents Singer counted arsenic clients.

Prosecutors said Singer, operating done his California-based assemblage admissions counseling work The Key and a related charity, took successful much than $25 cardinal from his clients.

They said helium paid retired much than $7 cardinal to bribe coaches and administrators astatine schools including Georgetown University, the University of Southern California, Yale University and Stanford University.

Singer, who present lives successful a Florida trailer park, successful his ain filing wrote that helium mislaid everything by “ignoring what was morally, ethically, and legally close successful favour of winning what I perceived was the assemblage admissions ‘game.'”

“It is not mislaid connected maine that my crimes impacted not conscionable the students who were portion of my strategy but besides each of those who felt similar they didn’t get the aforesaid accidental to spell to the schoolhouse of their prime due to the fact that they couldn’t wage oregon didn’t cheat their mode in,” Singer wrote.

By Nate Raymond