US Senate Candidate Blake Masters Calls for Biden Impeachment at GOP Gathering in Arizona

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SUN CITY, Ariz.—U.S. Senate campaigner Blake Masters said Congress should impeach President Joe Biden for his relation successful the amerciable migrant situation resulting successful a flood of fentanyl crossed the confederate borderline into the United States.

At the aforesaid time, Trump-endorsed Masters, a Republican, said his incumbent opponent, Democrat Mark Kelly, has done small to stem the nationalist information situation since helium took bureau and should beryllium held accountable.

“Where’s Mark Kelly connected this? I deliberation Mark Kelly should person to be immoderate of the funerals of the [fentanyl victims] connected this,” said Masters during a Republican gathering successful Sun City, Arizona, connected Oct. 1.

“Do you ever get the feeling they’re doing this connected purpose?” Masters said.

Epoch Times Photo U.S. Senate campaigner Blake Masters (R-Ariz) addresses a ample Republican gathering successful Sun City, Ariz., connected Oct. 1, 2022. (Allan Stein/The Epoch Times)

A assemblage of implicit 400 radical attended the lawsuit sponsored by the Sun City West Republican Club, during which erstwhile Arizona U.S. Senate 2022 superior campaigner Jim Lamon voiced enactment for Masters’ tally for Congress.

“This is simply a immense predetermination for this country,” Lamon said. “We each person to basal united—just similar the Marxists, right? They each basal united.”

“One happening I stake we hold on, our state needs us.”

Masters began by asking the cheering crowd, “Who’s waiting for a reddish question successful a mates of weeks?”

“We person to enactment successful the fight. We person to enactment arsenic if our state depends connected it.”

Swing State

Masters said Arizona remains pivotal successful the election, aft having to carnivore the “brunt” of the amerciable migration and fentanyl crises. He blamed the Democrats’ failed policies successful handling the emergencies.

“They person failed successful truthful galore respects. Many radical speech astir the borderline situation arsenic immoderate abstraction, arsenic if it’s immoderate enactment of God. Biden caused it. His policies, right? Thanks to President Trump, we had operational power implicit our border,” Masters said.

“I knew it was going to beryllium bad, you knew it was going to beryllium atrocious but, man, I didn’t cognize it would beryllium this atrocious … Democrats person exceeded our expectations.”

On Sept. 19, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the fig of amerciable alien encounters nationwide successful August was 157,921—a 2.2 percent summation from July.

The full fig of amerciable alien encounters during the past fiscal twelvemonth ending successful September was astir $2.5 million.

Masters said Biden’s enforcement bid ending borderline partition operation successful 2021 not lone “incentivized” amerciable migration but besides continued the migration argumentation of erstwhile President Barack Obama.

The lone sanctuary assemblage wherever illegals are not invited is Martha’s Vineyard, Masters said to laughter.

In September, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis gained nationalist attraction erstwhile helium sent 2 planes carrying amerciable aliens and imaginable asylum seekers from Venezuela to affluent wide Martha’s Vineyard, to the dismay of locals. The illegals were taken distant voluntarily to a subject basal to person nutrient and shelter.

Good Policy, Bad Policy

Since Biden became president, Masters said the U.S. Department of Justice, Internal Revenue Service, and FBI person go weapons of the Democratic Party.

“Why does each national bureau request a mini-military constabulary force? It’s truly dangerous,” helium said.

Inflation is rampant with the system successful tatters, and thousands of radical dice yearly from fentanyl overdoses, helium said.

Masters said the Biden medication is pushing for federalized elections to region authorities control. He described his U.S. Senate contention arsenic a “propaganda war” waged by Democrats, costing his run $400,000 play successful advertizing successful Maricopa County, Arizona’s astir populous.

“In a weird way, Mark Kelly’s [negative] ads are helping me. They are what they telephone us. It’s projection,” Masters said.

Saying Kelly “votes much successful lock-step with Biden, “now we tin spot the whites of their eyes,” with the Nov. 8 predetermination present 37 days away, helium said.

“Mark knows he’s vulnerable,” Masters said. “Look astatine everything that’s crumbling astir you due to the fact that of Democrat policies. Why judge Democrat onslaught ads?”

Masters said Democrats fearfulness an America First platform, having “put America last” themselves.

Attorney General Race

Epoch Times Photo Abe Hamadeh, Republican campaigner for Arizona Attorney General, speaks astir the challenges facing the GOP going into the Nov. 8 predetermination during a gathering successful Sun City, Ariz., connected Oct. 1, 2022. (Allan Stein/The Epoch Times)

Saturday’s gathering besides featured Abe Hamadeh, Republican campaigner for Arizona Attorney General successful the wide election. His Democratic hostile is Kristin Mayes.

“My hostile wants to combat the weather; I privation to combat criminals,” Hamadeh said, lampooning Mayes’ stance connected clime change. “My hostile wants to hunt down businesses.”

Hamadeh called connected a agreed Republican beforehand successful a captious election, possibly the astir important successful caller history.

“We each recognize that we can’t bash this alone,” helium told supporters.

Of this assertive borderline power policy, Hamadeh said connected “day one,” helium would state Mexican cause cartels “terrorist organizations.”

Both candidates said they presumption the 2022 predetermination arsenic a conflict for nationalist survival.

“We person to win. The stakes are excessively high. If not, [America] is gone—it is gone,” Masters said.

Allan Stein


Allan Stein is an Epoch Times newsman who covers the authorities of Arizona.