US State Department Urges Safe, Free Reporting During Beijing Winter Olympics

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The United States urged China to assistance media state astatine the 2022 Winter Olympics successful Beijing, starting successful 3 months, a State Department spokesperson said Nov. 4.

“We impulse PRC officials not to bounds state of question and entree for journalists and to guarantee that they stay harmless and capable to study freely, including astatine the Olympic and the Paralympic Games,” spokesperson Ned Price told a regular property briefing.

Price refrained from commenting connected calls to boycott the Games implicit quality rights concerns which helium concisely outlined.

“We person been crystal wide astir wherever we basal connected what is transpiring successful Xinjiang and the quality rights abuses that person and that are taking spot wrong the PRC,” helium said.

Rights groups and immoderate U.S. lawmakers person urged a boycott of Beijing 2022 implicit quality rights abuses successful China targeting minorities arsenic good arsenic crackdowns connected civilian activists.

Beijing scrubs specified accusations from authorities media platforms portion it forbids occidental reporters from accessing the state and stopping immoderate reporting connected the regime’s attraction of minorities peculiarly Uyghur Muslims successful northwest Xinjiang.

Price commented astir media freedoms successful China pursuing a question astir a connection issued by the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China (FCCC) which outlined difficulties faced by overseas journalists wanting to screen the upcoming Games.

“The FCCC is acrophobic astir the deficiency of transparency and clarity from the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG) arsenic good arsenic the International Olympic Committee (IOC) with regards to Olympic-related reporting successful China,” the nine said successful a Twitter thread.

“Over the past year, the overseas property corps has been continuously stymied successful its sum of Winter Olympic Games preparations, denied attendance astatine regular events, and prevented from visiting sports venues successful China,” it said.

“Our members’ repeated inquiries towards BOCOG connected however planetary media tin study connected the Games person been met with conflicting answers oregon neglected completely.”

In March, a spokesperson of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs failed to supply specifics astir its committedness to let implicit media state for the 2022 Games during a regular property briefing.

In its annual report, the FCCC said China utilized coronavirus prevention measures, intimidation, and visa curbs to bounds overseas reporting successful 2020, ushering successful a “rapid diminution successful media freedom.”

For the 3rd twelvemonth successful a row, nary journalists told the radical that moving conditions person improved, said the study released successful March.

In July, China’s state-run media promoted harsh rhetoric towards the U.S. and different overseas reporters, who covered grounds flooding successful cardinal China that displaced implicit a cardinal people. Regime-driven nationalist choler saw media workers from the likes of the BBC and Los Angeles Times person decease threats.

“The PRC authorities claims to invited overseas media and enactment their work, but its actions archer a antithetic story,” Price said successful a erstwhile statement in July.

Reuters contributed to this report. 

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