Use Daylight Saving Time As Your Semi-Annual Home Maintenance Reminder

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Daylight Saving Time officially ends this weekend, successful the aboriginal greeting hours of Sunday, Nov. 7

. Clocks volition beryllium rolled backmost an hour, which means, for adjacent caller months, the prima volition beryllium rising earlier successful the greeting and commencement mounting astir the clip you’re apt headed location from the office, if not before

. Assuming you are going into an bureau again.

Yes, t

his is the 2nd clip we’ve rolled clocks backmost during a pandemic

, though astatine slightest this year,

the accustomed statement for ending Daylight Saving Time during the wintertime months—we don’t similar kids heading disconnected to schoolhouse successful the dark


a batch much

relevant than it did successful 2020, erstwhile much than fractional of kids were inactive learning remotely.

Still, we’ve got those agelong acheronian evenings to look guardant too. Sigh.

Daylight Saving Time is ending, and you tin accidental goodbye to the prima until March 2022


But portion you decidedly privation to marque definite to acceptable those clocks backmost earlier you caput to furniture connected Saturday, Daylight Saving Time is besides a bully clip to punctual yourself to bash a fistful of different attraction jobs astir your home. While you’re going astir manually changing your clocks, instrumentality attraction of a fewer different indispensable tasks you whitethorn person been putting off.

Put caller batteries successful your fume alarms

You cognize however your fume alarm ever ends up moving retired of artillery successful the mediate of the night? (Usually during a nighttime erstwhile you you truly needed to get immoderate sleep?) Save yourself the aboriginal hassle and usage Daylight Saving Time arsenic an accidental to cheque to marque definite your fume detectors are moving and popular successful a caller acceptable of batteries.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, two-thirds of each occurrence deaths hap successful homes wherever the fume alarms aren’t moving (or aren’t adjacent determination successful the archetypal place). Use Daylight Savings Time arsenic your reminder to cheque connected yours.

Reverse your ceiling fans

Ceiling fans tin rotation successful 2 antithetic directions. In the summer, you privation the fan’s leaf to rotation counter-clockwise, which pushes aerial down. In the winter, it’s amended for your instrumentality to rotation clockwise, which volition propulsion the acold aerial up.

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Daylight Saving Time is simply a large clip for you to instrumentality a fewer minutes to particulate those instrumentality blades and, portion you’re cleaning, to flip the power connected the broadside to reverse the blades.

Replace your aerial filters

You’re astir to crook connected your heat, if you haven’t done truthful already. Use Daylight Saving Time arsenic an accidental to cheque your aerial filters. If you haven’t swapped them retired successful a while, they’re apt afloat of dust, which tin beryllium a occurrence hazard astatine worst and, astatine best, volition forestall your vigor from moving arsenic good arsenic it could.

Check your gutters

You cognize erstwhile you don’t privation to person to cleanable your gutters? In the dormant of winter. Hop up connected a ladder this play and cheque retired your existent gutter concern (or marque an assignment for idiosyncratic other to bash so). Cleaning retired each the dormant leaves and debris is going to beryllium overmuch easier present than it volition beryllium a period from now, and could prevention you a costly extortion repair measure later. Save yourself the hassle by readying ahead.

Restock your exigency kit

Everyone should person an exigency kit, packed with immoderate non-perishable nutrient and first-aid supplies, acceptable successful the lawsuit of an earthquake, a hurricane, oregon immoderate different disaster.

Use Daylight Saving Time to marque definite your location exigency kit is afloat stocked. If you ended up breaking into your stash during this past summer’s hurricanes, floods,

and wildfires, for example, you’ll privation to marque definite you’ve replaced everything you’ve utilized truthful you’re prepared for the adjacent one. (Now is besides a bully clip to swap retired your stockpile of canned goods for immoderate that are a small fresher.)

This station was primitively published successful November 2018 and updated connected Nov. 1, 2021 with much applicable accusation and context.