Use This TikTok Hack to Stop an Accidental Windows Reboot

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It’s frustrating erstwhile our PCs bash things we don’t expect them to (looking astatine you, abrupt bundle updates). The lone happening more annoying than a rogue computer, however, is erstwhile the occupation is our ain damn fault. One specified self-imposed contented occurs erstwhile you accidentally reboot your computer. This sometimes happens erstwhile I effort to unopen down my PC and alternatively deed the “Restart” button. But alternatively of waiting for the machine to reboot conscionable truthful I tin unopen it down, adjacent clip I’ll usage this TikTok extremity to abort the process.

Creator jackstechtopia precocious posted a TikTok sharing a speedy mode to cancel a restart erstwhile it’s underway. If your PC has conscionable begun to restart, including showing the bluish surface with the loading wheel, you tin clasp down the ESC cardinal to halt it. After a fewer seconds, you’ll spot the bluish restart surface disappear, replaced by your location screen. From here, you tin support utilizing your PC, or, if you meant to afloat powerfulness it off, unopen it down.

This hack was caller to me, truthful I tested it retired connected a laptop moving Windows 11. Lo and behold, holding down the flight cardinal canceled the restart precisely arsenic it did for jackstechtopia. Judging from the comments connected the video, I wasn’t the lone Windows idiosyncratic unaware of this useful trick. (I conjecture it’s called the “escape” cardinal for a reason.)

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