Uvalde School Board Suspends Entire School Police Department

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The schoolhouse district’s constabulary section successful Uvalde has been suspended, and the acting constabulary main placed connected administrative leave, according to an announcement by Anne Marie Espinoza, spokesperson for the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District (UCISD).

“Recent developments person uncovered further concerns with section operations,” Espinoza wrote successful an Oct. 7 email.

“As a effect of the caller developments, Lt. Miguel Hernandez and Ken Mueller person been placed connected administrative leave, and the District has made the determination to suspend each activities of the Uvalde CISD Police Department for a play of time. Officers presently employed volition capable different roles successful the district.”

Espinoza said Mueller, the manager of pupil services, has elected to retire.

Four different constabulary officers and a information defender wrong the UCISD are affected by the suspension.

Pete Arredondo, the UCISD constabulary main astatine the clip of the massacre, was fired by the committee 2 months aft the shooting. Hernandez was appointed to enactment arsenic main of constabulary successful the interim.

Espinoza said decisions astir the schoolhouse constabulary section person been pending 2 investigations—one conducted by the Texas Police Chiefs Association and different by backstage researcher steadfast JPPI Investigations.

The determination to disband the schoolhouse constabulary unit came much than 4 months aft the May 24 massacre of 19 children and 2 teachers astatine Robb Elementary. Law enforcement has been castigated for waiting 77 minutes earlier neutralizing the shooter.

A study from the Texas authorities legislature blamed “systemic failures” and mediocre enactment for the effect that whitethorn person contributed to the decease toll.

The UCISD was nether occurrence again this week arsenic it was discovered they’d hired arsenic a schoolhouse constabulary serviceman a Texas authorities trooper who had been 1 of the archetypal connected country astatine the shooting. The then-trooper, Crimson Elizondo, was shown connected assemblage camera footage waiting extracurricular the schoolhouse building, contempt arriving wrong 2 minutes.

The schoolhouse territory fired Elizondo connected Thursday aft CNN revealed the connection.

“If my lad had been successful there, I would not person been outside. I committedness you that,” Elizondo had told chap officers aft the shooting, according to the quality outlet, which had obtained assemblage camera audio.

In an email to the media connected Oct. 6, Espinoza confirmed that Elizondo had been fired that day.

“Ms. Elizondo’s connection successful the audio is not accordant with the District’s expectations,” Espinoza wrote.

“We sincerely apologize to the victim’s families and the greater Uvalde assemblage for the symptom that this revelation has caused.”

UCISD had requested for the Texas Department of Public Safety to supply further authorities troopers to schools and extra-curricular activities arsenic the caller schoolhouse twelvemonth started connected Sept. 6.

Espinoza said UCISD expects to person a study from the 2 ongoing investigations, which volition “guide the rebuilding of the section and the hiring of a caller Chief of Police.”

Charlotte Cuthbertson


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